Featured Article in Brainz Magazine: 4 Pricing And Sales Mistakes B2B Consultants And Coaches Make That Leaves A Fortune On A Table

When I first came into the coaching and consulting industry, I was exposed to many of the wrong pricing strategies and tactics that kept me stuck in my business. They also kept me from working with the BEST clients who could benefit the most from my expertise and experience.

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As I spent more time in the industry, I kept seeing the same patterns, pitfalls, and mistakes other experts were making that was also keeping them from their full potential to have a more lucrative and impactful business.

I witnessed coaches and consultants with many years of expertise and experience using the same strategies and tactics as beginners, or people who had little to no experience.

This is why I am so passionate about helping experts get paid what they deserve. It was also why I wrote my #1 Bestselling book, Expert In You.

Here are four biggest pricing and sales mistakes I experienced and still see the most. When you are aware of these mistakes, you can do things differently.

1. Charging like a beginner when you are an expert?

You don’t understand your expertise and value to the best market and high-end buyers if you charge like everyone else. Redesign your offers and marketing to get paid what you deserve for your knowledge, expertise, skills, and experience.

2. Don’t sell small first!

Sell your biggest, boldest, most transformational offer first. Own the expertise and value you can bring your clients, and always start there. It is harder to move people up the ladder to a bigger sale than to move people down the ladder to close a sale.

3. Never price or sell from your wallet.

This is a mindset landmine. Companies spend millions on the right offer, so check your mindset about your pricing.


4. Stop charging by the hour or the day.

Stop putting yourself in the commodity box so your clients are inclined to shop around for the best deal. This is an exhausting and broken business model! When you price by the outcome, impact, results, or transformation, you can work less and make 3-10x more. So why wouldn’t you want to do this?


Marketing and speaking to the right people is never about the money. They buy results, outcomes, and transformations. What is your impact on them and their business or company? THIS IS WHAT YOU SELL to 3-10x your fees.


When you understand the real value you provide, and you can articulate that to the right buyers, getting higher fees for your expertise will be simple.

If you want to change how you are selling your expertise in your Consulting or Business Coaching Business, go here and book a call with Ann.

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