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3 Ways To A High-Revenue And High-Profit Consulting & Coaching Business With More Freedom

Written by: Ann Carden, Executive Contributor

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Oh, the Coaching and Consulting life! Have you ever thought to yourself…I didn’t sign up for this! I certainly did when I started my coaching/consulting business over twelve years ago. I was exhausted and not making the money I wanted.

I was spending hours and hours a week networking to find clients, doing endless meetings with others to try and get referrals, and running around to meet with clients in their businesses. It didn’t take me very long to decide I wasn’t loving my coaching and consulting practice. I realized I had created an exhausting job and not much of a business.

After stepping back to redesign my business to work virtually and stop undercharging and undervaluing my expertise, I began selling ultra-high-ticket services and programs. This changed everything in my business and life, and I am passionate about helping coaches and consultants do the same thing.

How about you? Is your business giving you the money and life you want?

Maybe you would like to travel more, spend more time with family or do your favorite hobbies.

I get it!

Here are three ways to a high-revenue, high-profit business that gives you the freedom to enjoy your life.

1. A high-ticket business

By increasing your prices by three to ten times and selling high-ticket premium services, you can make more per client. This allows you to work with fewer clients at a higher level with more simplicity and less to manage. With a premium business model, you can eliminate the hustle and grind most coaches and consultants experience. For example, if you want a coaching or consulting business that can make $500,000, it only takes ten high-ticket clients at $50,000 or twenty high-ticket clients at $25,000. This is a more streamlined business that can multiply your money.

Additionally, when you sell high-ticket premium services, you can also leverage your time with clients by restructuring how you work with them while still delivering fantastic results and a stellar client experience. There are many ways to shave hours from the time you work with clients.

2. High-level masterminds

If you haven’t yet tapped into the powerful business model of working with many people at the same time, with high-level masterminds, or cohorts, you are missing out. If you run groups for $25,000-$50,000 or more per client and you meet with them only a few hours a month, you can see how quickly you can increase your business and leverage your time.

3. Next-level marketing strategies

How can you get in front of as many of your perfect ideal clients as possible on social media or live? By using a high visibility approach to your marketing, you will not only build your personal brand faster and to new levels, but you will also speed up your success. In addition, you will build credibility and authority in your industry to be seen as the Expert you are. Here are several ways you can do this.

  • Speaking
  • Podcasting
  • Leveraging other people’s audiences (guest podcasting, speaking, training)
  • Virtual and Live events (both your own events and partnering with others)
  • Build your audience and step up your social media strategy
  • Workshops and seminars
  • Get featured in publications, on TV, on the radio, and in other media opportunities
  • JV partnerships
  • Paid advertising

By implementing these powerful and effective strategies, you can change the trajectory of your business and accelerate your success to build a multiple-six and seven-figure business while living an amazing life.

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