Fill Your Calendar Every Week With Eager Prospects For Your Coaching and Consulting Business

Fill Your Calendar Every Week With Eager Prospects For Your Coaching and Consulting Business

Would you like to get new high-paying clients in the next week (online or offline?)

I have just had my best August in my coaching and consulting business; typically August is a slower month, but in a four day period, I signed up five new high-paying clients. I want to share with you how you can do it too.

I hear coaches say all the time that people don’t want to pay or they don’t have the money.

Often, they are attracting or speaking with the wrong target audience, not qualifying them properly, or need improvement in their offer or sales process.

People find the money for things they really want!

So, here is the process to get your calendar booked with high-paying clients in the next week.

1. CONNECT – Get in front of your ideal clients. This could be at a networking event, a speaking engagement, or on a social media platform where your ideal clients are.

LISTEN CAREFULLY, and PAY ATTENTION! You will hear and see problems everywhere.

In just ONE networking event, I heard four different frustrations or problems shared to the room through elevator pitches.

If you believe they fit your ideal client’s profile, move to the next step.

2. ENGAGE – Strike up a conversation with them. Reply with understanding and genuine concern (speaking their language) about what you heard them say or what you saw them post.

You might share a story of a client you had who struggled with the same problem or explain why they may be having this problem. You are not coaching them! You are getting them to realize YOU may have or be their solution.

3. ASK – Get them to take the next step. Ask them if you can private message them (on social media), email them or schedule a quick 15-minute call if they are serious about fixing the problem. This is the next step in your qualifying process.

If you determine they are someone you can help, ask them for an extended meeting to discuss some solutions. This can be a call or a face-to-face meeting.

4. QUALIFY – Tell them you are going to send them a form to get more information before your session, so you can be prepared, and give them the most value in your time together.

Your form should ask the “right questions” to ensure they are serious about getting help, they have the financial means to invest in your support, and they are someone you know you can help.

If they do not meet your qualification standards and are not a good fit, respectfully let them know, and cancel the meeting.

5. BRING THE VALUE – In your time together, show them your brilliance and how you can help them with XXX (what they say they want help with.)

Uncover other opportunities as well to show them things they don’t know or haven’t thought of.

Most importantly, the sales conversation is a continued qualifying conversation and a sharing conversation about the solution you provide. Detach from the outcome!!

Ask them what their thoughts are about what you are showing them. THEN, BE SILENT!!! Give them time to process what you have shared.

6. DON’T SELL – Let them ask you how they can work with you or what the next steps would be to get your help.

They have now given you permission to share what you do, what you charge, and what working with you looks like.

So, get 3-5 conversations booked on your calendar next week by following the process I have outlined. I know you can do it!

If you want help filling your calendar with hot qualified prospects, book a call and let’s talk. Helping coaches and consultants “GET & CLOSE HIGH PAYING CLIENTS” to grow and scale their business into the next level is what I do.

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