Finding Love Over 50 In A Professional World with Michele Burghardt

Finding Love Over 50 In A Professional World with Michele Burghardt

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Episode Summary –

Whether you are 35 or 55, age doesn’t matter when finding love.
Being in a relationship not only brings happiness, but also helps you to connect with yourself better. It helps you to stay positive and care for yourself and others better.

Finding the right partner makes you a better person; but not finding the right one can make you frustrated, irritated, and lost.
It’s not just about meeting and liking someone; it requires having the right connection, trust, honesty, intimacy, and being able to communicate openly.

Your thoughts, likes, how you see things, etc., need to match. And here is where most successful older people struggle to find the right love partner for them.

In this episode, Michele Burghardt talks about how successful people over 50 can find the right love partner. She also talks about some of the mistakes high-achievers make in dating, which is the reason for failing relationships.

Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:

  • Why high-achievers must hire a dating coach.
  • Michele talks about the difference between NLP & Hypnotherapy and how she helps her clients with inner transformation.
  • The common factors between a successful relationship and business.
  • Michele talks about the communication pattern difference between masculine & feminine and how to balance communication between the two high-achievers.
  • How high-achievers can build an intimate relationship from their first date, and some of the mistakes successful people make when they go on a date.
  • Michele talks about what Feminine Energy is.
  • Why do successful people feel insecure on a date?

About Michele Burghardt:

Michele Burghardt has been an entrepreneur for over 25 years. After spending 10 years helping small businesses uplevel their marketing she shifted her expertise to helping single professionals uplevel their love life.

After a divorce from a long marriage, she has personally experienced the struggles many singles face when trying to meet high-quality partners while also putting their heart and soul into their business.

Michele has the unique understanding of how dating is another form of marketing. She helps her clients define their features and benefits, identify their partner avatar, create a unique positioning statement, speak to their audience, and more.

Working as a coach certified in hypnotherapy and NLP Michele helps her clients feel as confident about dating as they do their business, so they can feel joy and fulfillment in all areas of their life.

Even though Michele works internationally, she is a native St Louisan. She has one adult son and two beautiful grandchildren and is actively pursuing the love of her life alongside her clients.

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