From a Struggling Startup to a Millionaire Mastering Core Areas for Business Wealth with Mac Attram

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Episode Summary –

In Episode 153 of the Expert In You Podcast, host Ann Carden is joined by guest Mac Attram, a successful entrepreneur, speaker, and business coach. Mac shares his journey from a low point in a parking lot to achieving financial freedom and becoming a millionaire.


Mac emphasizes the importance of building a wealthy business asset and fixing any issues that would cause the business to suffer in one’s absence. He introduces a business wealth system that focuses on mastering core areas such as marketing, sales, processes and systems, team building, finance, and cash flow.


Mac believes that personal growth and mindset are crucial in achieving success. He quotes one of his mentors, who said, “Business and wealth can only grow as much as the individual grows.” Mac also stresses the importance of learning communication and speaking skills, as speaking can open up opportunities and lead to financial success.

The episode highlights Mac’s expertise in scalable speaking as a strategy for building a business and establishing a strong brand. Speaking engagements can also lead to valuable connections and relationships.


Mac shares his personal experience of discovering his life’s mission and how it has guided him in his work. Understanding one’s mission and purpose helps individuals become more resourceful and handle challenges better.


This episode provides valuable insights into building a successful business, developing a growth mindset, and discovering one’s life mission. Mac’s journey serves as an inspiration for small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.


Key Moments :


[00:02:29] Small computer company grows but partners leave.

[00:05:28] From despair to millionaire through self-discovery.

[00:09:20] Implementing, supporting, speaking: 12 years, 50+ countries.

[00:11:11] Speaking is a learned skill for success.

[00:16:43] Build a wealthy business asset, gain freedom.

[00:21:38] Know your mission and purpose; be resourceful.

[00:25:35] Loved CDs and books sparked business passion.




About Mac Attram:


Mac Attram is an entrepreneur who embarked on his business journey years ago when he started a small computer company shortly after getting married. Initially focusing on internet web design and ecommerce, the company eventually expanded its services to include computer systems and networks. Mac’s business flourished when he joined forces with two business partners, one specializing in sales and marketing, and another skilled in computer installations. However, after a couple of years, one partner decided to pursue a different path, followed by the sudden disappearance of the second partner. This left Mac carrying the business responsibilities while navigating the early years of marriage and expecting a second child. Mac’s determination drove him to sustain and develop the company despite the challenges.


How to connect Mac :


Twitter: @MacAttram
Instagram: @MacAttram

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