From Athlete to Motivational Speaker: Leveraging Your Background to Inspire Others and Get Paid with Kevin Daley

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Episode Summary –

In this episode of the Expert In You Podcast, host Ann Carden interviews guest Kevin Daley, a motivational speaker and former member of the Globetrotters, who has achieved incredible success in his life. Kevin shares his journey of setting and achieving big goals, from playing basketball with legends like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Magic Johnson, to traveling the world and eventually becoming a motivational speaker.


Kevin emphasizes the importance of mindset and opening oneself up to opportunities and expanded thinking. He believes everyone has value to bring to the world and can make a positive impact, even if they haven’t experienced a tragedy. Kevin talks about overcoming his own struggles, including losing his mother at a young age and using those experiences to inspire and help others.

He also discusses the profound impact of coaching and shares his tailored curriculum for former athletes who struggle with public speaking. Kevin’s story of perseverance, determination, and always smiling through life’s challenges is genuinely inspiring and encourages listeners to dream big and seize opportunities.


Overall, this episode highlights the power of setting goals, embracing coaching, and using one’s experiences to create a positive impact on the world. Listeners are left inspired and motivated to chase their own dreams and achieve success.


Key Moments:


[00:02:24] Lost mom to suicide, achieved basketball dreams, motivational speaker.

[00:04:26] Leverage experiences, don’t waste anything, big dreams.

[00:09:43] Book: I Never Stopped Smiling, overcoming struggles.

[00:13:24] Tailored curriculum helps former athletes overcome obstacles.

[00:16:14] Open your mindset, find your value.

[00:18:26] Rapid learning and sharing drives progress, and achievements.

[00:23:00] Coaching improved my speaking skills drastically.




About the guest:


Kevin Daley had a challenging start in life, losing his mother to suicide when he was just three years old. Raised by his father and two older brothers, he developed three ambitious goals at a young age. First, he wanted to play basketball and get paid for it, inspired by someone telling him it was possible. Second, he desired to travel the world. And finally, he aspired to play against and with the best basketball players globally.

Kevin’s persistent pursuit paid off, as he played professional basketball for 14 years, including 10 years with the legendary Harlem Globetrotters. During his basketball career, he had opportunities to play with icons like Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson, even doubling as a stand-in for Jordan in commercials.

Having traveled to 101 different countries, Kevin achieved his goal of seeing the world. Now, he uses his experiences and expertise as a speaker hired by organizations to cultivate winning mindsets and develop superstar performances.

Additionally, Kevin works with current and former professional athletes, helping them transform their athletic backgrounds into successful careers as motivational speakers. Kevin believes that every athlete has a unique story to share, whether it be a struggle or a triumph, and he aims to empower them to leverage their experiences into paid speaking engagements.

Through his own journey, Kevin emphasizes the importance of setting ambitious goals and focusing on being prepared for when opportunities arise.


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