From Fear and Doubt to Self Discovery and Success with Johanna White

From Fear and Doubt to Self Discovery and Success with Johanna White

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Episode Summary –

In this episode of Expert In You Podcast, Host Ann Carden invites Johanna White, the founder, and CEO of Design by Joe Studio. Johanna shares her journey from struggling with fear and imposter syndrome to building a successful branding business. The discussion includes topics such as the importance of controlling what we allow into our minds and the significance of building a strong online presence to elevate one’s brand. Johanna stresses the importance of aligning your brand with your appearance and how branding can be a significant indicator of excellence.

Tune in to hear actionable insights on building a strong personal brand and business.



Key Moments: 


[00:02:29] Elite brand designer helps experts shine bright.

[00:06:46] Cancer diagnosis leads to transformative decisions.

[00:11:09] “Believe, do, take action, speak, challenge, heal.”

[00:15:37] Healing achieved through faith and intentionality.

[00:22:24] Designer realizes need for unique brand messaging.

[00:23:41] Rebranding process for business growth and success.

[00:27:39] “Align pricing with expertise to attract clients”

[00:31:22] Invest in your future, don’t stagnate.

[00:37:35] Passionate about helping others achieve potential.

[00:41:49] “Don’t wait. Branding is jet fuel.”




Guest Profile : 


Johanna White is the founder and CEO of Design by Joe Studio, specializing in brand identities, custom websites, and premium messaging. Her mission is to make elite experts look as good as they are, magnetizing their dream audience and opportunities. Johanna’s passion lies in the luxury space, where she creates magical worlds through her design work. However, her journey to success was not easy, as she spent the first 25 years of her life playing it safe and letting fear drive the bus. Her life took a dramatic turn when she was diagnosed with a brain tumor, leaving her partially paralyzed and unable to speak above a whisper. But this event served as a wake-up call, and Johanna decided to take control of her life, pushing herself to become the successful CEO she is today.



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