From NASA to Magazine Funnel: The Journey of Jen DeVore Richter

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Episode Summary –

In this episode of the Expert In You Podcast, host Ann Carden interviews Jen DeVore Richter, an outsourced CMO, marketing consultant, speaker, author, magazine publisher, and YouTuber. Jen shares her experience working at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center as the head of paid advertising and in-park marketing, highlighting the importance of marketing even for well-known brands. She discusses her journey of creating magazine funnels, which merge traditional print publishing with modern online sales processes.

Magazine funnels can be used to build email lists, enhance other marketing efforts, sell advertising, promote products and services, and build authority in an industry. She emphasizes the unique benefits of magazines over books, such as the ability to embed links and videos, change content dynamically, and monetize through advertising. Jen also offers insights for aspiring magazine publishers, including the importance of mindset, strategy, systems, team building, and measurement.

She concludes by mentioning her newly released book titled “Outsource Your Marketing,” which provides a step-by-step process for effectively outsourcing marketing efforts. Listeners are encouraged to follow Jen on YouTube and visit her website for more resources and information.

Key Moments:

02:15 NASA job: advertising for Kennedy Space Center.

04:03 Print marketing still holds significant value.

09:11 Dan’s influence, ClickFunnels merge, email service venture

11:18 Opportunity for conference speakers and writers.

16:45 Books offer stability and relationship building opportunities.

19:07 Magazine as media for coaches, consultants, authors

24:04 Outsource marketing to solve common problems.


About the guest:

Jen DeVore Richter is a seasoned professional who has excelled in the challenging world of advertising at none other than NASA, specifically at the renowned Kennedy Space Center. As one of the top 5 tourist attractions in Florida, Kennedy Space Center faced tough competition from other popular destinations like Disney World, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld. However, it was her expertise in paid advertising that played a crucial role in drawing visitors to this extraordinary scientific hub. Jen understood that even NASA couldn’t rely solely on its reputation and had to proactively engage with potential visitors. Her dedication and strategic thinking ensured that Kennedy Space Center remained a top destination for tourists from around the world.

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