From Weird to Wonderful: How this Entrepreneur Found Success in the Senior Services Market with Erin Marcus

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Episode Summary –

In Episode 159 of the Expert In You Podcast, host Ann Carden welcomes guest Erin Marcus, who shares their fascinating journey from owning a successful franchise in the senior services market to becoming a coach and business owner. Erin reflects on their previous job, where they worked as a middleman in the insurance industry and their decision to leave due to feeling bored and no longer learning.

They then bought a franchise in the senior services market, focusing on helping families with aging parents through the downsizing process. Erin’s business quickly flourished and ranked top 10 out of 200 offices.

However, realizing their passion for teaching and sharing knowledge, they transitioned into the coaching business, starting Conquer Your Business. Erin emphasizes the importance of a success mindset, taking massive action, and the need to be specific about goals and beliefs. They encourage self-reflection and bravely challenging oneself.

Despite initial struggles with impostor syndrome, Erin’s dedication and continuous evolution have led them to their current success. Listeners are inspired to examine their own mindset and beliefs to achieve their goals.



Key Moments :


[00:02:21] Creating insurance relationships, teaching advisers to sell.

[00:06:37] Bought franchise, succeeded in senior services market.

[00:10:07] Used goods devaluation impacts business model. Socioeconomic problem, logistical nightmare.

[00:10:50] Juggling coaching business while moving clients’ marketing.

[00:16:50] Keeping success and wealth private, unlike now.

[00:20:15] Taking action is essential for success.

[00:23:34] Entrepreneurs struggle with staying focused for success.

[00:26:32] Multitasking causes frustration and chaos for entrepreneurs.

[00:28:02] Started in 2019, 3rd iteration of business. Added success mindset to help entrepreneurs.

[00:31:09] Managing expectations, selecting clients, avoiding mistakes.

[00:33:50] Specific goals, self-reflection, and taking massive action.



About the Guest :


Erin Marcus is the founder and CEO of Conquer Your Business. A skilled professional with extensive experience in creating national and regional relationships within the insurance industry. Her role as a middleman involved establishing connections between insurance sellers and industry leaders such as MetLife, Jan Wirth, and Jan Hancocks. However, her job went beyond simply putting deals together. Erin excelled in working closely with advisors to teach them effective strategies for selling long-term care insurance. Despite the challenge of promoting a product that advisors disliked and clients avoided discussing, Erin made a living by imparting her knowledge and expertise in marketing and sales to help others succeed in this specialized field.


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