Get Out of the Low Six-Figure, $100k Range in Your Consulting & Coaching Business

Would you like to have more corporate clients, and get into more organizations? You can use LinkedIn to do this.

LinkedIn is a goldmine for ramping up your ability to get into companies and organizations. There are many ways to use this platform, but to get corporate clients, here’s the strategy.


  1. Your profile must make you look like an expert.

It needs to speak to your ideal clients with a relevant message. Describe their problems and your solution with the quantifiable results you can bring them. This must be in your message, in your banner, and talked about on your page, always keeping it relevant to them.

Corporate clients love statistics.  Research and list some statistics, creating content around it. Within that, share your expertise and how you help solve that problem along with the results you can bring.  This will impact your profile and make you more relevant to your target market.

A strong profile will establish you as the expert and the authority. You don’t want to look like a jack of all trades, or you will be ignored by high-end clients.

Don’t confuse people with generalities. Be very specific about whom you’re looking for, what problem you’re solving, and how you help them solve it. Make sure the message is really dialed in and relevant to the people you want. Optimizing your profile will make them interested in connecting and speaking with you, as well as for referrals.


  1. Use the LinkedIn sales navigator to build a list.

Build a list of 25 to 50 companies and organizations you’d like to get into.

I recommend that you start in your local market because it’s likely you will know people who work in those companies, or you’ll know people that know decision-makers in those companies. This allows you to tap into a warm network to build your list.

Then build a second list of the decision-makers, those that would potentially hire you or bring you into the organization for your services.

You will have two lists.


  1. Make the connections.

Once you build the list of decision-makers, consider who could be a connection between you and those individuals and if there is an opportunity to get an introduction. If you know someone who is close to a decision-maker, it’s pretty simple to reach out and ask if they can make that introduction for you.

If there isn’t a connection to tap into, then reach out to these decision-makers so they can check out your profile and see what you’re all about. And if they see an opportunity, or have a need for your services, then they will reach out to you.

Start a campaign to make the connections, and once you get their information, email a compelling message to try to get into a conversation.

Every business is going to be different and what you’re selling is going to be different. I help my clients dial in and create those perfect messages, which is part of my strategy. A good example of this is a new client of mine whom I helped tap into his experience to create a very compelling message. After sending fifteen emails he booked eight calls that were potential very high-end corporate clients.

When you have a message that’s relevant and on point, high-level people will respond, just like my client.

Once you send them a compelling message that results in a call, even a fifteen or twenty -minute one, you can get them into a conversation where you are helping and serving them, but you’re also using the call as a qualifier to discover if there is a need for your services. The goal is to move them to a more structured consultation where you can dive deeper into what they have going on in their company or corporation.

Another way to use the call is to offer a workshop or an assessment to get in the door, something quick where they can experience you and see a need for what you do.

I don’t recommend working for free. Get paid for that workshop or assessment because you want to have a qualified client, but it is a way to get your foot in the door. It’s not going to be a big investment for them to have you do an assessment or workshop, but you want to turn those into longer engagements and transformational offers.

There are many strategies to use LinkedIn, but this is one process you can use to get corporate clients.

You can also:

  • Leverage it to find speaking engagements where those corporate clients go and where they speak.
  • Find nonprofits or charities that they support.
  • Or find partnerships with people who already know those decision-makers by building relationships with them.


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