How Coaches Repel Great Clients Without Knowing It

How Coaches Repel Great Clients Without Knowing It

Many coaches are chasing shiny objects or the newest cool tools to try and get more clients, but many are missing two of the most basic fundamentals causing them to repel great clients.

What do I mean?

There are two common mistakes I keep coaches making over and over again.

First, they are trying to be everything to everyone (jack of all trades) vs. choosing their lane and positioning themselves as the expert.

If I look at social media profiles, coaches have many titles, and their message and content aren’t focused and dialed in to attract their perfect clients. This mistake leads to confusion for potential buyers.

Recently, someone reached out to me on social media to ask me for my help. I had to ask her what which part of her business she wanted to grow because I was very confused by the plethora of titles on her profile.

The second mistake coaches are making is they are using industry jargon to speak to their ideal clients in their message and conversations.

Realize, the average person doesn’t speak in the same language as industry professionals, and it repels them from seeking your help or buying.

If a sixth grader cannot understand in a sentence or two what you do and who you help, I assure you your ideal clients won’t understand either.

PRO TIP…A confused person doesn’t buy!

So, take a look at the message you are putting out there and the language you are using to try to attract and speak to your perfect clients and see if you are making these mistakes too.

I hope you find this helpful and valuable!

Talk soon,

Ann Carden

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