How High-Level Professionals Can Navigate Divorce to Be Emotionally & Financially Stronger with Robin Depies

How High-Level Professionals Can Navigate Divorce to Be Emotionally & Financially Stronger with Robin Depies

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Episode Summary –

Divorce is messy, a major transition in life, full of emotional trauma, fear, and insecurities.

There are many questions people need answered and many unknowns. Having someone guide you help you through this process to help you make the right decisions can be invaluable.

Robin is able to help professionals go through this life shift with experience, insights, and guidance to help you come out on the other side of divorce, emotionally and financially stronger.

In this episode, Robin D talks about some of the mistakes people make while going through divorce that affect their future.

Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:

  • Robin shares her background story and how she became a Divorce Coach.
  • The importance of having the right support system when going through a divorce.
  • Why you should consider hiring a professional while going through a divorce.
  • Robin talks about some of the things that people go through and have to figure out in a divorce which adds to the stress and emotional devastation.
  • Robin talks about some of the details that can affect your future if not looked at in a divorce.
  • Some of the financial mistakes people make while getting a divorce.

Robin Depies is the founder & CEO of Heartfelt Financial Solutions, LLC, and a Divorce Coach for high-level professionals who want help navigating divorce to be emotionally and financially stronger.

Before Robin started her firm, she managed various stores at Kohl’s, the largest department store chain in the U.S. and a Fortune 500 company. Outside of her business, Robin is the former Chairwoman of the After 5 Group of the Woman’s Club of Colorado Springs and is the Former Chairwoman of the Programs Committee of the Southern Woman’s Chamber of Commerce. She continues to volunteer her time in numerous non-profits locally and nationally.

Robin is also an esteemed member of Christopher Kai’s GPS global speaker community, its members include #1 bestselling international authors, thought leaders, world-renowned athletes, and seasoned executives who reside in 120 cities, 30 countries, and 6 continents.

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