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Episode Summary –

Sleeping disturbance, not being attentive, restlessness, losing temper, unbalanced life, unhappiness, dissatisfaction, etc. are some of the common effects of stress.
Stress has become a part of life, right from any minor crisis to any major challenges. Indeed, we cannot control every circumstance, but we can control how we respond to it.

If not handled properly, stress can affect every area of our life – health, mind, well-being, relationships, and work.

No matter how much we try, we cannot eliminate stress, so we have to learn how to handle stress without affecting our lives. And everything starts with our mindset.

In this episode, Kelli Risse talks about how stress is a mindset problem and how we cannot manage stress, but we must learn to walk through it with inner peace.

Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:

  • Kelli shares her backstory and how she became a Stress and Mindset Coach.
  • Kelli talks about the impact of stress and how it affects other areas of our lives, and how she helps her clients to move through stress.
  • Kelli talks about how stress is a mind game and about stress personalities.
  • Kelli talks about when you should consider working with a coach and how a coach can help you.
  • The importance of healthy practices.
  • Why every successful person needs a Stress & Mindset Coach?

Kelli Risse is a Stress and Mindset Coach helping high-level leaders & entrepreneurs who are over-scheduled/overstressed breakthrough mental stress & accelerate to next-level success.

She is a Certified Health, Life, and Mindset Coach and Master Practitioner of The Transformational Coaching Method and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. She is committed to helping her clients find their inner peace, harmony, and success through sustainable and long-lasting lifestyle changes.

In addition to her individual and group coaching services, speaking with and educating community members is a key component of her work. Speaking engagements that bring awareness and strategies for healthy living have included PBS, MOCPA, Rockwood School District, Fort Zumwalt South School District, Pattonville School District, local Chambers, Professional Women’s AllianceLittle Black Book: Women in Business, and Fearless Women.

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