How Tech Leaders can Become the type of Leaders Everyone wants to Work For with Jennifer Anderson

How Tech Leaders can Become the type of Leaders Everyone wants to Work For with Jennifer Anderson

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Episode Summary –

As the digital age progresses and the amount of technology available becomes more diverse, it becomes more challenging to manage employees. Tech teams are constantly trying to improve time management, communication, hiring and retention, and building a dynamic and resilient company culture. However, that doesn’t work when the leaders have not tapped into their authentic selves.

If a paradigm shift is ever to be witnessed, these leaders need to acknowledge that they are unique individuals providing essential services to humanity. Everyone uses technology in one form or another, and without them, the tech would not have made life this easier. The path to becoming an inspirational leader that everyone wants to associate with begins with their self-awareness of their authenticity.

In this episode, Jennifer Anderson, a Leadership Career strategist with over 24 years of experience consulting with national and international companies, shares an amazing journey of discovery. She explains how she identified a need in business leadership and leveraged an opportunity to coach them. She shares her approaches to helping crappy leaders in the tech space become high achievers and inspire others to tap into their uniqueness and potential.


Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:

[02:23] How Jennifer became a Leadership Career Strategist.

[04:55] Benefits of spotting opportunities and leveraging on them.

[07:53] Things you must acknowledge in the start-up mode of your entrepreneurship.

[10:01] Practical ways Jennifer helps crappy leaders become leaders who inspire others to take action.

[14:07] Jennifer’s passion for winning the day.

[18:27] How Jennifer helps leaders create their brand awareness. What a personal brand is, and what is it not.

[24:12] The concept of leaning in.


About Jennifer Anderson – 

Jennifer Anderson has over 24 years of experience as a Leadership Career strategist – consulting with national and international companies to build their tech leaders into leaders everyone wants to work for while reducing employee attrition. 

She is sought after as a speaker about leadership and has addressed groups such as NCSEA, Public Relations Society of America, the American Marketing Association, the American Womens Society of CPAs, the Structural Engineering Association and more. She is published in Forbes and is ranked as a Top 40 to Follow” on Twitter. For more information and to get in touch with Jennifer, you can find her at:


Resources Mentioned

  1. The Gap and The Gain: The High Achievers’ Guide to Happiness, Confidence, and Success by Benjamin Hardy and Dan Sullivan:


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