How To Become A Catalytic Leader That Impacts with Dr. William Attaway

How To Become A Catalytic Leader That Impacts with Dr. William Attaway

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Episode Summary –

We live in a society of restless and impatient people who want the next thing yesterday and have no time to reflect on how they got to where they are. We get complacent about what is not serving us and don’t realize that we have the power to change our situation. We want to keep doing what we’re doing, even when it’s not working for us. 

Doing something over and over again doesn’t make you better. Evaluating and making changes is what will make you better. If you’re not in constant evaluation of what you can do better, how you can be better, and how you can make changes, you are prone to not just stagnation but decline. 

What is evaluation? Evaluation is all about knowing what went right, what went wrong, and how you can make it better next time. Doing it will help you identify what you are doing wrong and change it to grow. It will also help you train your mind to recognize your wins, capture them and celebrate them. Capturing your wins provides an objective data source that you can go back to when you get swapped by your emotions to stay in perspective and get things in motion.   

Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:

[01:44] Dr. Attaway’s shares about his brand, catalytic leadership, and what catalytic leadership encompasses.

[03:31] How Dr. Attaway uses his leadership principles in the church context and in the business world to help leaders and founders to look at things in different ways?

[05:29] The one non-negotiable in catalytic leadership is having a teachable spirit.

[06:55] Why evaluating your experience matters and the three questions that Dr. William uses with his client consistently.

[13:27] Being family-focused, why Dr. Attaway hit hard on it as a pastor and coach, and how we often get stuck as leaders.

[17:05] Being self-aware when things are tilting too far in one way, pulling yourself back, and aiming for success without sacrificing everything else.

[19:17] Dr. Attaway’s story about his older daughter, how it impacted him and what he does, and the lesson he learned.

[22:55] Dr. Attaway’s parting words on having a teachable spirit and choosing it every morning to make a difference.

About Dr. William Attaway –

Dr. William Attaway is a Leadership and Executive Coach for Catalytic Leadership, LLC, a company he founded to help leaders INTENTIONALLY grow and thrive. He has served in local church ministry for over 25 years and is currently the Lead Pastor of Southview Community Church, a church in Herndon, Virginia (near Washington, D.C.) where he has served since 2004.

He holds a Ph.D. in Old Testament (with an emphasis in Biblical Backgrounds and Archaeology), and he loves to read and speak about leadership, organizational change, and building up people and teams. His newest book is Catalytic Leadership (January, 2022). Originally from Birmingham, Alabama, Dr. William now lives in northern Virginia with his beautiful wife Charlotte and their two daughters.

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