How to Close Sales and Marketing Gaps In Your Business

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Episode Summary –

In this episode your host, Ann Carden, a strategic business coach consultant, shares strategies to close marketing and sales gaps in your business that are keeping you from building revenue, getting more profitability, and getting all the clients and customers you want.


Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:

[01:22] The three Ps that are gaps in marketing and sales for most coaches, consultants, and professionals’ service

[01:43] The first P is positioning: How to strengthen your brand positioning to attract and influence more buyers.

[03:58] The second P is the pipeline: How to fix your marketing system to create a pipeline that stays full.

[06:50] The third P is the process for sales: three sales phases to have your sales process dialed in.

[13:06] Do you need proposals in sales? Find out! How to do proposals, when to do them, and why you should not use them to close sales.

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