How to Crush Your Goals in Your Coaching and Consulting Business in 2022

by Ann Carden | Expert In You Podcast

​Episode Summary –

Now is the perfect time to look at your business to reflect on 2021 and set your goals and plans for the new year.

Setting goals and knowing how you are going to reach them is the GPS you need to reach your destination.

A business does not build itself; you need to the right actions to get what you want.

In today’s episode, I walk you through how to determine what you want in your business and how you can reach your goals.

You need to have a proper process to level up your business; nothing happens by chance.

90% of what you do each day should be spent on marketing & sales.”

Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:

  • The 4 Quadrant Process of reflecting on the past year and creating a new game-plan.
  • The importance of having a Financial Goal and how to set your financial goals.
  • Why you should NOT outsource your marketing services until your marketing is working for you.
  • The importance of running your business by the numbers and how to do it to reach your goals. 

Wishing You a Happy New Year!!!

I am super excited for you, and I cant wait to see your growth journey in 2022

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