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Episode Summary –

Podcasting has a lot of value and benefits, and the ability to grow your personal and business brand through podcasting is important. However, so much work goes into it that most people overlook it. Podcasting is not just about being passionate and fired up; it requires consistency, financial responsibility, and time commitment, which are keys to making it work.

Podcasting is constantly evolving, and we must keep up with the times to thrive. We’re in a short-form, grab-attention-quick world, and bringing compelling and engaging content to the forefront to keep our audience in place is the key to success.

A successful podcast begins with strategy, knowing the end goal, and mastering the art. If you don’t master the fundamental skills and stay on the cutting edge, you will miss opportunities to grow your brand. Becoming a student will help you up your game and be more effective.

In this episode, Jason Cercone, brand building architect, shares how you can build, construct, and elevate your brand. What you should and shouldn’t do if you want to get into the podcasting space.

Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:  

  • Why Jason refers to himself as a brand-building architect, his biggest takes from 8 years of podcasting, how he got into podcasting, and the lessons he learned.
  • The Fundamentals of a Successful Podcast – developing your voice and learning how to communicate effectively, identifying your end goals, creating a strategy, and becoming consistent.
  • Leveraging your podcasting objective and doing practice swings.
  • The power of guesting – getting more reach and positioning your brand.
  • Rapid fire round on the various benefits of podcasting.
  • The greatest benefit of podcasting: Enhancing your network by building relationships.
  • Getting out of the fun mode and creating engaging content to keep your audience in place.


    About Jason Cercone: – 

    Jason Cercone is a personal brand architect, creator, and podcaster. He helps entrepreneurs, leaders, and professionals leverage the brand-building power of the podcast medium to establish authority, increase visibility, and accelerate the evolution of their personal brand.

    He also hosts Evolution of Brand, a podcast featuring authentic entrepreneurs and professionals sharing inspirational stories and tactical brand-building strategies to help you succeed in your professional pursuits.

    How to connect with Jason Cercone: