How to Get Bigger Financial Leaps in Your Coaching or Professional Services Business

😩Are you a GREAT COACH or PROFESSIONAL SERVICE PROVIDER who has been “STUCK” at the same monthly income level for a long time?


😩Your revenue and income are inconsistent (up one month and down the next?)

😩Are you always afraid of losing a client?

😩Do you feel like you have to work with anyone willing to pay you (often resulting in difficult clients) vs. attracting better, high-paying clients who are great to work with?

😩Do you feel like you would like to raise your fees, but you are afraid you won’t get clients or lose the ones you have?

💥💯💵💵😎🤩Would you like to make bigger financial leaps in your business and break through to higher levels of monthly revenue and income?

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You can’t REACH NEW HEIGHTS in your business and get out of the HUSTLE & GRIND stage to have a CONSISTENT MONTHLY INCOME you can grow monthly until you get the fundamentals right.


This means having a “RINSE & REPEAT” process, you can sell over and over again.

Your rinse & repeat process should include:

👉YOUR COMPELLING OFFER (working in your “SWEET SPOT”) so your perfect clients really want what you are selling and will pay you high fees to get it.

👉HOW YOU ATTRACT CLIENTS – The perfect message and marketing strategy to attract all the clients you want by positioning as the Expert and influencing them to want to buy from you.

👉 HOW YOU CONVERT – Sales process that easily closes highly qualified prospects into clients.

👉BACK-END RESIDUAL INCOME – This will continue to build your predictable monthly income base.

Even if you are brilliant at what you do, until you dial in a rinse and repeat process you can count on, you will stay in the hustle & grind (stage 1.)

😩This means you will always be afraid to lose a client.

😩You will always be in a position where you have to work with anyone who can pay you vs. choosing the best clients to work with.

The hustle & grind (stage 1) is the MOST STRESSFUL and MOST FRUSTRATING PLACE to run a business!

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EASE & FLOW in your business (stage 2) is about wanting more clients to continue to grow and scale, vs. grinding it out. Stage 2 is where significant financial breakthroughs happen, and they don’t happen until you have the above fundamentals in place and working.

Does this make sense?

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