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Episode Summary –

Are you currently selling ultra-high-end services, or is there more opportunity?

Do you price your services based on what others are doing?

Does achieving your goals seem impossible because you are maxed out on time?

Determining the value you can deliver for your clients is the first step to selling ultra-high-end services and programs.
In this episode, I discuss how you can structure your products/services to increase your incomes by 3,x, 5, 10x, maybe even 20x times.

Working with ultra-high-end clients is like a dream for every coach & consultant. But to close those high-value sales, you need to ensure your business is built in the right way to provide such value.
Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:

  • Why some coaches & consultants are not able to sell to ultra-high-end clients?
  • How most people determine their price.
  • The simplest way to build your high-end business?
  • How to create different levels of services for your clients? An example of one of my clients and how she signed a high-value client by offering a small service first.
  • How to find the perfect client for your business?