How to Show Up Like a Pro on Camera with Cheryl Tan

How to Show Up Like a Pro on Camera with Cheryl Tan

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Episode Summary –

Episode Summary –  Video is an integral part of brand building and increasing online visibility. With the right strategies, you can show up like a pro and create powerful connections with your audience, whether it’s via live video, webinars, or recorded videos. Leveraging the power of video can help you build strong relationships and create awareness for your business; however, capturing the audience’s attention is no easy feat. It takes passion, energy, and a bit of know-how to make your video stand out from the rest.  Having the right equipment before sitting in front of a camera is essential to achieving your video goals. Lights, cameras, and energy are three critical components in creating a successful video that captures an audience’s attention. By investing in these three elements before recording, you can start with the basics and scale up as your projects progress. When done correctly, viewers will be able to feel your enthusiasm for what you’re doing on camera, making them more likely to stick around until the end.

In this episode, you’ll hear from Cheryl Tan, who sheds light on why your on-camera presence matters and how it can impact the quality of your content. She also shares some valuable tips to help you look more professional while creating visual content that resonates with your audience. So, if you want to up your video creation game, make sure to tune in! 

Let’s jump in 

Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode: 

[03:04] Cheryl’s backstory and what made her stop being a news anchor. Her experiences of transition from corporate to entrepreneurship. 

[06:52] Why you should care about how you show up on camera. 

[09:25] We use video to build perfect connections and create awareness. [22:48] The importance of having your video strategy. 

[27:16] Things you should never do on camera, no matter what. Common mistakes people make on camera and how to avoid them.  

About Cheryl Tan –  

Cheryl Tan believes everyone has a story to tell. Her mission is to help entrepreneurs, nonprofit organizations, and corporations tell those stories better on video and become known as experts in their space. A former TV news anchor & host, Cheryl shares the skills she learned in the newsroom to help businesses around the country become media authorities. She is the creator of the Media Authority Plan, a program designed to help experts increase their visibility through video. Cheryl and her husband have three sons and live in Virginia Beach, Virginia. 

How to connect with Cheryl Tan: Website: Facebook: LinkedIn: YouTube: Watch all Episodes of the 

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