Have you ever heard, “People buy from people they know like and Trust”?

If you’ve been around for any length of time you’ve heard that phrase; but how can you speed up the know, like, and trust factor to influence more buyers?

1. Know your market better than they know themselves.

Research and dig deep into what is going on in your market right now; you must be relevant to your market in real time. This helps your content pull the right people into your ecosystem because your message will be on point. You want to explain that you understand the problems they’re going through and even at a deep level you can sometimes show what they didn’t even realize and how you have the solutions to fix it.

Be relevant in all your messaging so you can start influencing more buyers.

2. Expert Positioning

When you are positioned as the expert and the authority in a particular niche it will speed up the know, like, and trust factor. If your LinkedIn profile lists five, six, or seven things in your headline that you do and they’re not well connected, you’re not going to look like an expert to.

 If you look like a jack of all trades, you’re not going to attract and influence buyers.

If you want to look like an expert in the industry niche and market that you’re targeting, then showing your relevance and how you understand them will speed the know, like, and trust factor.

Also, make sure your brand is on point, so you look like the expert. You don’t want to look like a cheap used car if you want to attract Lamborghini clients. The cheap used car people are shopping for the best price and don’t really care about anything but the price, but you should position yourself as the expert.

3. Elevate Your Marketing

Do what I like to call Next Level marketing strategies. Have an expert book around your expertise that again explains to your market the problems they have, why they have those problems, and how you are the solution. Walk them through your process in the book.

Nothing can bring people to you faster than an expert book. It can also get you on stages to speak about your expertise, sharing with your market about how you understand them and have the solutions to their pain and problems.

Other ways you can elevate your brand and use those Next Level marketing strategies is to have your own podcast or television show. You can also be a guest on other podcasts to be interviewed. Nothing speaks expert and builds that know, like, and trust factor more than other people singing your praises.

Do bigger things like getting published, speaking on stages, or getting featured in media press releases. Receiving awards also speeds the know, like, and trust, so put some time and energy into those things.

Don’t be the best-kept secret! Elevate your brand, but elevate it in a way that really does make you look like the go-to in-demand expert that you truly are.

4. Social Proof

Put social proof everywhere across platforms to let people see the results your clients are getting with you. You need to “toot your own horn,” but let others do it too.

Social proof is huge in influencing more buyers, and it speaks know, like, and trust more when people can see that you are incredible at what you do because of the results and the outcomes you help others get. That’s what they’re buying.

5. Ask The Right Questions

When you are in front of someone elevating your brand, or on social media understanding your market, don’t forget to just care about the other person and ask the right questions. Sales can be made just by asking the right questions.

When I was leading a workshop last week with coaches and consultants, one of the testimonials said, “I was blown away at the way you uncovered everybody’s problems in the room in five minutes!” It was because of a process and a series of questions I ask that they were able to identify their own gaps and the things that were missing in their business. The better your questions are, the more people think, “This person is someone I can trust. They get it. They know what I’m going through they know what I need.” This will speed up the know, like, and trust factor.

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