How to Start & Build A Successful Coaching/Consulting Business with Tracy Bianco

How to Start & Build A Successful Coaching/Consulting Business with Tracy Bianco

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Episode Summary –

Do you want to own a business but not sure how to start?

Have you just started your coaching/consulting business and struggling to structure your business?

Are you trying to figure out how to Grow your Coaching/Consulting business?

In this episode, we share all the details about how you can build a successful Coaching/Consulting business.

The strategies discussed in the episode I wish somebody taught me when I was starting my business. My journey would have been much easier.

“There will be opportunities & offers that will come in your way; sometimes you have to explore it to make a decision, and sometimes you have to just follow your gut feeling.”

Key Points:

  • How to structure your Coaching/Consulting business; Tracy shares her journey.
  • Some mistakes that a lot of Coaches & Consultants make that cause them to struggle in their business.
  • How to find your area expertise for your Coaching/Consulting business?
  • How to offer your products/services?
  • How to structure your sales process?
  • Understand the client’s decision-making process.
  • What will make you a successful businessperson?

About Tracy Bianco –
Tracy Bianco is the founder and CEO of Tracy Bianco Coaching & Consulting. She has more than 30 years of experience in training, coaching, developing, and leading strong teams.

Tracy works with small business owners who are ready to be that leader others WANT to follow. Her expertise lies in meeting leaders where they’re at, facilitating positive change in them and their teams, and coaching for continuous improvement and growth.

Tracy is a Certified Life and Executive Coach and is the author of A Checklist Life: Breaking Free from a Life of Obligations.

While time with family is at the top of Tracy’s list of life’s greatest joys, her next five daily walk, reading from the stack of books on her nightstand, time on a beach, Mexican food, and fluffy socks on cold, winter days.

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Tracy’s Offer: Leadership Level Up session (30-minute session with Tracy to discuss leadership strategy and solutions for challenges being experienced).

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