Does creating content exhaust you or fry your brain as you figure out what to create?

Is your content helping you grow your business or just keeping you busy?

Great content on social media, your website, or online is so valuable for your business’s growth.


  1. It cuts your marketing costs and expenses for lead generation.
  2. It moves leads to a prospect much faster.
  3. It helps your marketing do the heavy lifting to be able to convert more sales.
  4. It gives you more qualified prospects.
  5. It speeds up the know, like, and trust with leads.
  6. It builds your brand and visibility.
  7. If done correctly, it can build credibility and authority in your industry and position you as an expert.


However, there is a lot of FLUFF content that doesn’t accomplish any of these things. It just clutters.

Sure, it’s cool if one of your memes goes viral, but if it is not bringing leads into your ecosystem or getting people to remember you and not just the meme, what have you accomplished? … ZERO!

Your content should be attracting people to you and your business consistently.

Is it doing that??

So, when putting out content, put out so much value that it pulls people from seeing you, to following you, to wanting to work with you.


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