Leadership is an Internal Journey that You Need To Master with Torrin Minutillo

Leadership is an Internal Journey that You Need To Master with Torrin Minutillo

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Torrin Minutillo is the founder and CEO of Attergy coaching system and a real estate agent. He has empowered business leaders to achieve more through courage throughout his career.

He began his entrepreneurial career back in 1989, cutting his teeth in the retail space.
Through many years of observation, study, and experimenting with his own business, Torrin uncovered the invisible barrier that was holding owners back. Now, after 32 years of experience in business, he devotes a lot of his time to helping other business owners pull down their invisible barriers while still running his successful real estate company.

He developed this into a simple coaching model that reveals the hidden internal barriers that will empower your business and life to whatever outcomes you’re looking for.

Episode Summary –
Leadership is primarily an internal journey than an external journey. And this is where the gap is, which most leaders struggle to break through.

As an entrepreneur, you need to be able to lead your organization through various challenges and gaps to break through and scale up your business and achieve the outcome you are looking for. And the first thing you need to master is building your leadership skills internally.

In this episode, Torrin Minutillo shares some insightful views and strategies on building your leadership skills from within and leading your organization to the next level.

Snapshot of the Key Points from the Podcast:

  • [01:46] Torrin talks about what his primary coaching business is all about.
  • [06:41] The background information about Torrin’s business, “Attergy Coaching System”.
  • [13:05] Torrin talks about how he started his journey as a business coach
  • [14:43] What you need to know about Torrin’s book “The Essential Inner Game”.
  • [15:46] Torrin talks about the mistake most leaders make and explains what leadership is.
  • [17:12] Torrin talks about the three things that originate any business problems and how courage plays a vital role for leaders to break through any challenges.
  • [19:40] Torrin explains the meaning of “the line of courage” – The differentiation between living above and below the line of courage. And how to grow above the line of courage as an entrepreneur and a leader.
  • [25:49] Torrin explains why you should value time more than money in your business.
  • [28:27] Why it is important to know your identity and how it can affect your achievements.

How to connect with Torrin Minutilo:

Website – https://attergy.com/

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/torrin-minutillo/

Download the Book – https://attergy.com/book/

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