LEVEL UP Your Coaching or Consulting Business for MORE INCOME, INFLUENCE & IMPACT

LEVEL UP Your Coaching or Consulting Business for MORE INCOME, INFLUENCE & IMPACT

🔥🚀💵 Would you like to take your coaching or consulting business into multiple-six figures a year with consistent $20k-$50k or more months? Would you like to not only make more money but have more INFLUENCE and IMPACT?

The start-up mindset and strategies you used to get you to where you are in your business will not be the same mindset and approach that will get you to the NEXT LEVEL.

If you want to “LEVEL UP” your coaching or consulting business and have more significant financial leaps (into multiple-6-figures and beyond), you can’t use an old way of thinking and past strategies to get to a new place. 💯

What has to change?

You have to get out of Start-Up mode!

Let me ask you…

👉😟Are you still trying to build your business the same way as you did when you started (maybe undercharging or charging by the hour or giving away your services for free to convince a client to work with you.)

👉😟Are you still attracting the same types of clients who are difficult to work with, don’t want to do the work or don’t want to pay you more?

👉😟 Have you been “stuck” at what seems to be the same monthly revenue/income level for too long and you can’t seem to break free to the next level?


👉😟You can’t seem to get off the revenue roller-coaster (up one month and down the next?)

If you want to LEVEL UP, you have to change 4 things!


1. Your MINDSET – Old thinking doesn’t get something new. Trying to operate and do the same things won’t work to get something different. Be prepared to make changes in both your business and yourself.

2. Your BUSINESS MODEL – Better clients, higher fees, more leverage of your time, residual revenue.

3. Your BUSINESS STRATEGY – Your message, your marketing, your clients, and your sales process will all have to level up.

4. Your POSITIONING – You must become the sought out EXPERT and be seen as having AUTHORITY and CREDIBILITY.

Those things are all doable, by anyone,


Most won’t, and that’s why most don’t!

😟Less than 1% of coaches get into multiple-six-figures or more annually.

Here’s how you can move into the top 1% of top coaches and consultants.

>>FOCUS ON ONE THING (one CORE OFFER) that solves a huge pain or problem and you can deliver a solution or result to get them out of their pain. This is what they are buying! They are not buying coaching or a program. Based on the value of the problem you solve, it should be high-ticket anywhere from $5k-$100k. The bigger the pain or problem, the higher the ticket.

>>You need a RINSE & REPEAT client attraction system that brings you highly qualified prospects over and over again. This can be online or offline. Where are your clients and how do you want to reach them?

There is no shortage of ways to market your business, but what you are doing should align with how you want to build your business and it should bring your clients to you. You can speak, network, build online with the platforms your clients are on, run seminars, etc.

>>You need POSITIONING to be seen as the EXPERT and it should be around your ONE CORE OFFER. This can be done online or offline. This can be through a book, speaking, an online strategy, networking. Again, you can choose, but everything people see from you or know about you should be building your authority and your credibility for your expertise and offer.

>>You must be able to CONVERT prospects into clients once highly qualified prospects are coming to you.

>>You need to be able to build your MONTHLY RESIDUAL REVENUE and leverage your business if you want to scale into multiple-six-figures or beyond. This requires back-end offers for clients to continue to work with you, so you are building a monthly income base vs. always having to depend on new clients.

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