Leveraging LinkedIn: Moving Beyond Platforms for Successful Client Acquisition with Chaz Horn

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Episode Summary –

In this episode of the “Expert In You Podcast” titled “Leveraging LinkedIn: Moving Beyond Platforms for Successful Client Acquisition with Chaz Horn,” host Ann Carden welcomes guest Chaz Horn, a consultant and client acquisition expert, to share valuable insights on maximizing the potential of LinkedIn for lead generation and client acquisition.


Chaz emphasizes the importance of not limiting oneself to a single platform like LinkedIn and advocates for connecting with people and transitioning them off the platform into meaningful conversations and email lists.


The discussion delves into the effective use of CRM systems, the concept of psychographics over demographics for target audience engagement, and the utilization of audio events, live streams, and content repurposing for enhanced audience reach and engagement.


He also shares key factors that may hinder business growth, offering a 20-minute assessment to pinpoint these issues. Ann Carden emphasizes the significance of paid advertising and brand building, while Chaz delves into reframing mindset shifts in sales communication.

The conversation concludes with the encouragement to take action, drive people to opt-in email lists and LinkedIn profiles during audio events for marketing purposes, and the value of providing free content while expecting payment for additional services.

Throughout the episode, Chaz Horn’s expertise in sales, marketing, and client acquisition shines through, offering invaluable knowledge and strategies to the audience.

Listeners are encouraged to engage with his upcoming events and take advantage of the free training on acquiring premium clients and scaling businesses.

Listeners of the “Expert In You Podcast” will gain new insights into leveraging LinkedIn, transitioning leads off platforms, and optimizing client acquisition strategies to achieve business growth and success.

Key Moments:

05:45 Marketing speaks to target audience; sales converts.

06:36 Utilized LinkedIn to strengthen sales outreach effectively.

10:37 Focus on psychographics, not demographics, for success.

13:57 LinkedIn strategy, driving people to actionable goals.

17:57 “I qualify people and eliminate non-buyers.”

19:09 We provide valuable, free content to help.

23:30 Engage, don’t hide, for more visibility.

27:26 Align sales and marketing for predictable growth.

29:55 Transformation from despair to faith through action.

32:08 Negative frame ties us to our past.

35:25 Manage emotions to avoid uglier outcomes later.


About the guest :


Chaz Horn is a consultant and coach in the business world. His focus is on helping b-to-b businesses differentiate themselves in the market. He believes in the importance of being authentic and true to oneself, rather than trying to imitate others. With a background in the business world, Chaz brings expertise and experience to his work, helping his clients avoid burnout and failure. He works with consultants who have been in the business for a longer time and have a depth of knowledge to share with their clients. Chaz’s approach sets him apart from other coaches in the market, making him a valuable resource for b-to-b businesses looking to succeed.


How to connect Chaz:

 Website : https://www.b2bclientsnow.com/

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chaz-horn

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