LinkedIn Is a Goldmine for Consultants & Financial Professionals Trying to Get Ultra-High-End Clients

LinkedIn Is a Goldmine for Consultants & Financial Professionals Trying to Get Ultra-High-End Clients

How Smart & Savvy Financial Professionals & Consultants are Mastering Their Marketing to Fast Forward Their Success

What if you could simplify your marketing, keep your pipeline full of high-quality prospects, and fast-forward relationships, get more referrals, and get more of the clients you desire?

Well, you can! Your clients are out there; they don’t know about you. It’s time to change this, and I want to help you. First, you need a rock-solid strategy and a marketing system that works.

According to Google, LinkedIn now has 810 million users and is growing daily. It is considered the most robust search engine and professional business platform on the internet. Where else can you easily search and reach 810 million professionals and businesses to connect and do business?

PLEASE NOTE…Before you do ANY marketing on LinkedIn or any other type of marketing, it’s essential that you first develop a strong marketing foundation and strategy. By doing this, you will save time, money, and effort. Plus, you don’t want to miss out on clients and opportunities, and without a strong foundation, you will (plain and simple.)

Let’s get started!

Laying Your Marketing Foundation

Step #1– Define Your LinkedIn Goal. It’s hard to hit a moving target, so you must define your target goal by starting with the end result you are trying to accomplish. If you don’t know what you are trying to do, you can’t put the right plan in place to get the results you want.

Do you want to reach your ideal clients?

Do you want to build strategic alliances and partnerships that could refer to you?

Do you want to use LinkedIn to get in front of your ideal clients through speaking (live or virtual)?

Do you want to build a more substantial online presence and personal brand?

Do you want to use LinkedIn to get people on your email list or following?

Do you want to find services for yourself, employees, or a job?

The possibilities on how to use LinkedIn are endless. But, without a great strategy, you will not get the traction in your marketing that you could (I know I keep saying this, but it is so important to understand.).

When my client Cynthia (a consultant) came to me for help, she had no idea how to market to reach her ideal clients. So, we established her as the expert for her ideal clients, and she reached out to someone who didn’t do what she did but served the same audience to develop a partnership.

The results were outstanding! They loved what she was doing and felt it would be valuable for their clients. They promoted her to their followers and listed 27,000 of her ideal clients. This is not something that most likely would have happened offline, but with an online strategy on LinkedIn, it happened in minutes.

By defining how you want to use LinkedIn, you will save yourself endless hours of time and speed results. Also, it’s invaluable to be able to market anytime, from anywhere, and reach whom you want anywhere in the world.

When I think about networking offline many years ago, I spent endless hours running around to get in front of twenty to thirty people at a time. Not that I don’t believe in people networking, but I have discovered a much better and faster way to merge the offline and the online world to get more rapid traction, more clients, better clients, and build higher success.

FYI – This is one of the things I teach my professional clients and companies to do in my “Expert In You Business Accelerator” programs & services!

Step #2 – Determine the WHO you are for and whom you want to reach. These may be different people, but this is an essential step.

For example, let’s say you are a financial professional or consultant who would love to get more large construction companies as clients, and you want to build strategic partnerships on LinkedIn to get referrals. You could position yourself as the specialist for these companies and then put a strategy in place to reach the people you want to partner with to get referrals.

Step #3 – Be the SPECIALIST & EXPERT! You must differentiate yourself and establish yourself as a specialist and expert if you want to fast forward your results and success. You can’t market to everyone, so pick your lane and establish your expertise for those people. This could be a specific market niche or industry.

If you look like you are for everyone, you will be for nobody. You won’t have the right message, content, or strategy to reach them.

SPECIALISTS & EXPERTS get referred more, stay top of mind easier, get more golden opportunities, are sought out, get the best clients and make more money for what they do. So, be the specialist and expert!

DIFFERENT is better than better, and being a specialist and an expert can help set you apart from all of the bajillions 🙂 of people doing the same thing.

Which is more powerful? You are a Law Firm Financial Advisor or Consultant, or you are a financial advisor or consultant? Which one would a law firm choose first? The specialist who is for them, right?

Step #4 – Build out your LinkedIn profile to be positioned and seen as the Expert & Specialist. Now that you know who you are for, it’s time to strengthen your market positioning (the outside perception of you and your brand.)

By building up your profile and brand the right way on LinkedIn (one of the most powerful digital assets you can have for your professional business), your profile will come up on the first page of Google when people search for you.

LinkedIn can often be more powerful than your website if you learn how to use it successfully. But, it can also be a tool to drive traffic to your website.

Why? Because you can find whom you want, get in front of them, get connected to them, and move them into action faster and easier versus hoping the perfect people will find your website. And, you can do it for little to no money if you choose to.

When your profile is compelling and relevant to whom you want to do business, you can STAND OUT, MAKE YOU COMPETITION IRRELEVANT, and WIN MORE CLIENTS, CONTRACTS, and OPPORTUNITIES.

Establish yourself as an AUTHORITY in your industry for your ideal clients by having relevant, value-based, and thought-leader content they can see. Attention is the new gold and currency in the marketplace today.

Your ideal clients and market are given a way to get to know you and build trust as they see your experience and expertise through your content, voice, and powerful brand positioning. In addition, it allows your marketing to do the heavy lifting.

Also, build your CREDIBILITY & AUTHORITY by being a valuable contributor to industry magazines and other media sources, PR, and press releases. Then, you want to market those things on your profile.

Great content can pre-sell you and your services and show your ideal clients why you are the go-to expert for what you do and the obvious choice. It fast-forwards the “Know, Like & Trust” factor expected in today’s market from Savvy buyers.

I can’t tell you how often prospects book on my calendar because they came across my content. When I get on a call with them, it is not uncommon for them to tell me, “I am sure you are the person that can help me.” Content that brings you the right people can be as good as a referral!


It stays online forever (unless you remove it.) Where else can you get exposure like this forever?

Your ideal clients have no shortage of people like you they could hire, but when you stand out above your completion, you have a goldmine of opportunities (everyone else in your industry will stop three feet from the gold.) 😉

It’s not enough to be seen in the marketplace today; people have to CHOOSE YOU over everyone else. But unfortunately, this is where most professionals miss the boat.


Step #5 – Build Your LinkedIn List of Prospects. – You can use Sales Navigator or build your list with the free version, but work with a list to keep you focused and targeted.

Here is a quick video I created to help you.

Step #6 – Connect with Your Prospects – Once you have your list, reach out to them with a personalized and straightforward message to connect with them. I help my clients create the right message, where they often get a 60% or higher connection rate.

Step #7 – The Right Approach – Different strategies work differently for different audiences. There is not a one-size-fits-all as many marketers would like you to believe. You don’t have to spam, or send endless tens of thousands of messages, and it doesn’t have to be a numbers game.

A busy high-level corporate or large company CEO, for example, doesn’t have time to build a relationship with you, nor are they hanging out online or in groups. For these people, a highly targeted and compelling message works well. Of course, you must do your research and put the right message in place to get their attention. A get-to-the-point message or email through LinkedIn can work well.

Also, connecting with directors of conferences to speak and get in front of these inaccessible clients can be a great way to use LinkedIn.

These are all things I do with my clients to help them fast forward their business and get their marketing to work for them. Once it is working, they create a consistent system, and from there, it’s “rinse & repeat” to keep their pipeline full with highly-qualified prospects.

I can work with you 1:1 or in my High-Level Expert In You Business Accelerator Mastermind/Mentoring Small Group. I can also work with your company and teams on merging the online and offline marketing worlds to MAXIMIZE your marketing results.

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