Make Your Brand Stand Out – Master What Makes You Unique with Patrick Kagan

Make Your Brand Stand Out – Master What Makes You Unique with Patrick Kagan

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Episode Summary –

As an entrepreneur or salesperson, it is important to understand what the client needs and how to offer them a unique experience. By gaining insight into their pain points and actively listening to them, you will be able to tailor your offerings specifically to them in order to create your own distinctive category. It is only through providing this differentiation that consumers will truly value what you have to offer.

In sales, leadership, and business, it‘s easy to learn from model behaviors and imitate your competition. But this isn’t the way to differentiate yourself; instead, focus on exhibiting loyalty, kindness, and sincerity that sets you apart. Acting differently is key if you want to make a difference in what you do. Uniformity might feel like the safe bet, but real success comes from overcoming challenges that are unique to you.

In this episode, Patrick Kagan shares how he carved out his own personal differentiation brand and the strategies to help you do the same. He emphasizes that success lies in mastering what makes you unique and focusing on that instead of trying to do 100 things. He also shares actionable advice on how to be more strategic with your brand, rather than becoming complacent with it.

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Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:

[02:20] Sell The Difference” and how Patrick got into this space.

[05:21] Distinguishability and compatibility: How to create your category of one.

[08:50] The four disciples of differentiation. 

[17:25] How to position tactics vs. strategies in your business. 

[22:11] Using sales strategy as a long-term approach to your success. Selling the difference value proposition in your branding.

About Patrick Kagan –  

Patrick has been in the print world and media world for 30+ years, always with a strong reputation focused on consultative relationships and collaborative results. 

He has built, led, and grown sales teams and businesses in the roles of President, Vice President, and Director and has also enjoyed roles in Senior Sales and National Sales for companies such as Procter & Gamble, UARCO, Hewlett-Packard, SRDS, and NCH Corporation. 

In 2008, Patrick incorporated a Marketing Agency, PK Solutions Group, Inc. 

A State of Illinois Veteran Owned Small Business 

Patrick is an Internationally renowned podcast host, business coach, And Author of “Sell The Difference” – the ultimate guide to Increased sales, profits, and customer satisfaction – through the art of DIFFERENTIATION. 

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