Mining The Consulting & Coaching Gold In An Economic Downturn

Are YOU Mining The Gold In This Current Economy?

When you work in the B2B space as a consultant and coach, an economic downturn can be your biggest opportunity ever to grow into multiple-six and seven figures.

Why? Because when business is great, your perfect clients don’t ‘need’ you, plain and simple. So, there is often no urgency for your services. Of course, they will still buy what you have if it is something they have wanted, but it is a nice-to-have versus a must-have.

However, when things get shaky, and you can show up with the perfect solution for your ideal clients who will invest big bucks into getting your expert help, you are mining the gold.

By the way, are you getting clients for $40k, $60k, or $125k+ like I help my clients get?

If you are sitting in worry and fear because of all the negative news and energy you see and hear, change your thinking. This is your chance to move into overdrive and explode your business growth.

My clients are closing big deals, new clients, and growing their businesses. I am also having my best year ever, closing bigger and better clients. So, you can too!!!

This is also why you should work with the top 10-30% of a market instead of scraping the bottom with everyone else. Get paid like the EXPERT you are. Leave the low-value clients for the start-ups and people with little to no experience, results, or expertise.

The top end of the market will invest much more money for your results when you have…

Powerful Positioning in the market (look like an EXPERT)

Powerful Message relevant to your ideal clients right now to grab their attention and get them to book on your calendar.

Powerful Offer for them to buy (that is a no-brainer) even when the economy is taking a hit.


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Check out this quick video on 4 Shifts To Get Paid Like An Expert here


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