There are two approaches to having more money in your life.

  1. The Dave Ramsey approach (don’t spend and save your money). You can NEVER SAVE YOUR WAY TO WEALTH OR SECURITY.
  2. The Grant Cardone approach (how can you make more and multiply your money).

One is a scarcity approach, and one is an abundance approach.

How you think about money will determine how much you will have.

True story…

Thirty years ago, I started my first business (no computer or internet). After leaving a thirteen-year corporate career and income to be a stay-at-home mom. Even though my husband worked harder than most and insane hours to provide for our family, I couldn’t squeeze another dime from his salary.

I budgeted everything to the penny and was so cautious about what I spent. Even giving was hard to do (but I still gave what little I could).

I cooked from scratch to save money. I remember crying one day because I spent $2.50 on a cherry pie at the store vs. making one from scratch to save money.

My kids got hand-me-down clothes from their cousins (praise God that he always provided for our needs).

However, financial stress took a consistent toll on our family, and I was sick to my stomach with stress about money.

The turning point came when my 4-year-old needed shoes, and we didn’t have the money.

Now you might be thinking, “why not get a job?”

There was minimal opportunity where we lived. We also lived eight miles out of a small town and only had one vehicle (which my husband used for work).

And, I had young children, so childcare would have added another expense. So, I would have to make enough to cover daycare. Going back to work wasn’t an option then, and it wasn’t what I felt God was calling me to do.

There was nothing left except to pray for a solution and look for ways to make more money.

Long story short, I started and built my first successful business. It went international (before technology and the internet). I shipped my handcrafted dolls all over the world.

I employed several people and basically ran a manufacturing business out of my home. My dolls were even selected to be featured on the cover of an international magazine. I remember the first time I got an order from Iceland I was on cloud nine.

Every morning, I would get up at three or four o’clock to work on my business. I would squeeze every minute I could get out of my day while still being there for my kids. I also worked late into the night.

But I was determined to make money.

The business grew and grew, and it was life-changing for our family. I was making well over a six-figure INCOME from that business.

When I sold that business seven years later and started my second business, I never doubted again what I could accomplish and what I was capable of with God’s help and my husband and family’s support.

So, six businesses later (sold the last five), here I am, and I am blessed beyond words.

I love helping other people succeed in their businesses because I don’t want them to settle for less than they deserve or want.

Here are the five lessons I learned that have been the most valuable:

  1. Learning to make more money was a far better strategy than scrimping and saving every single day.
  2. Most people settle for scarcity (and the leftovers) when there is abundance.
  3. Learning how to manage money when there is only a little, helps to manage money when there is a lot.
  4. Money is replaceable when you know how to make it; holding onto money will never make more.
  5. You are where you choose to be ~ Jim Rohn

Money isn’t everything or even the most important thing in life. I have an abundant life in all areas. But I will challenge you to think about this:

When you have money, you have freedom and choices.

When you don’t have money, most choices are made for you.

There is no shortage of money in the world. Think about that!

Have an abundant day!!!

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