Next-Level Marketing Strategies to Acquire High-End Coaching & Consulting Clients

Would you like to get bigger and better clients for higher fees for your coaching and consulting business? Would you like to get them like clockwork or whenever you want?

You need to understand how to reach them and magnetically attract them.

NOTE: Before you do any marketing to reach (often hard to reach) high-end clients, it is important that you have the fundamentals in place, or you will be overlooked or ignored, missing opportunities.

This means you need powerful positioning in the market that shows you as the EXPERT and AUTHORITY for what you do.

Your message, branding, content, and online presence must be dialed in.

When they check you out (behind your back), they must be able to see that you are credible, trustworthy, and excellent at what you do.

Once your strong foundation is in place, you want to use the right NEXT-LEVEL strategies to get in front of these hard-to-reach ideal clients.

Whether you are looking for corporate executives or high-level CEOs, how you market to them will determine your success.

What are the NEXT LEVEL MARKETING STRATEGIES to get high-end clients?

  • Interviews
  • Speaking
  • Live virtual events
  • Live events
  • Podcasting
  • Case studies
  • Powerful content that educates them on your expertise and process
  • Short and to the point, relevant, value-based, personalized messages
  • Relevant articles & publications by you
  • Referrals (you need a strategy for predictability, so you are not waiting on referrals)

How this works for my clients:

When my client Amy reached out to a CEO on LinkedIn with a powerful and relevant message, she quickly closed a $48k agreement.

A past client Dawn just had her first million-dollar month using a powerful value approach with CEOs and hard-to-reach professional business owners.

A client, Sharon, was approached for a multi-six-figure deal on LinkedIn because of her positioning.


Here is what DOESN’T WORK for high-end clients:

  • Lengthy, spammy messages that are cut and pasted, trying to sell.
  • The VALUE LADDER (low-ticket funnels then trying to ascend them to the higher ticket).
  • Wasting their time with chatty conversations in messenger.
  • 5-Day Challenges.
  • Cookie-cutter marketing approaches.


Now, how do you get these high-end clients?

You develop a strategic (relevant to your ideal clients) rinse & repeat lead generation system. Without a system, you have no consistency or predictability.

Marketing does not have to be a numbers game. When you are working with high-end clients, you can have a multi-six-figure to a million-dollar (and beyond) coaching/consulting business with only a handful of clients.

With the right marketing strategy and system in place, you can build your business more consistently and faster.



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