Nurturing Lasting Love: Healthy Relationships and Communication Skills with Melissa Ann DeSerio

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Episode Summary –

In Episode 173 of the “Expert In You” podcast, Ann is joined by special guest Melissa Ann DeSerio, as they delve into the intricacies of maintaining a strong and healthy marriage amidst the challenges of entrepreneurship and business ownership. Melissa shares valuable insights inspired by her 99-year-old grandmother and her own experiences, emphasizing the importance of clear communication, prayer, and faith in nurturing successful marriages. The conversation revolves around the power of self-reflection, humility, and seeking spiritual guidance to navigate relationship difficulties.


Throughout the episode, Ann and Melissa offer tangible advice for couples, encouraging listeners to embrace each day as a gift and strive for excellence in their relationships. So, grab your earphones and prepare for an enriching discussion on love, faith, and the journey to a thriving marriage.

Key Moments:

06:43 Couples need to communicate for successful relationships.

09:08 Grandmother’s key to lasting marriage: communication, prayer.

11:43 Struggles and lessons learned from divorce.

16:48 Ann invites for a free virtual event.

18:56 Invite the Holy Spirit to guide you.

21:37 Pray for spouse for 30 days, share results.

26:12 Individual coaching program to heal and grow.

28:57 Contact to reserve a spot in mentorship.

31:57 Entrepreneurial expert accelerator for high-caliber clients.


About The Guest:


Melissa Ann DeSerio’s life story is one of overcoming adversity and finding strength and guidance through the love and support of “earth angels.” Growing up with divorced parents, Melissa struggled with relationships, but learned to appreciate the new people God brought into her life. With the help of stepparents and mentors, Melissa was able to shift her mindset from victim to victorious. This experience inspired her to help others learn how to have healthy relationships and communication skills. Melissa’s passion for teaching others stems from her own journey and the belief that God brings angels into our lives to help us grow.


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