Overcoming Resistance: Achieving Big Business Breakthroughs

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Episode Summary –

In this episode, Ann Carden goes deep into the topic of resistance in business. With a focus on empowering coaches, consultants, and professionals to achieve greater impact and income, she discusses how entrepreneurs often misunderstand resistance as a sign of being on the wrong track.

She emphasizes the importance of understanding that resistance is a natural part of the process when striving to achieve significant business growth. Ann provides insights on setting big goals, overcoming resistance, and the importance of embracing challenges to achieve breakthroughs. Tune in to gain valuable strategies for navigating resistance and achieving your business aspirations.

Key  Moments:

05:41 Alignment isn’t always easy in big endeavors.

09:04 Detailed game plan for achieving financial goals.

10:03 Plan, execute, and overcome resistance in events.

14:39 Get help from a coach for success.

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