Partnerships for Business Scaling with Michael Rager

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Episode Summary –

In this episode, Ann Carden and guest Michael Rager discuss the concept and inception of “Whiteboards and Whiskey”, its potential in specific industries, and the franchising process. 

They highlight the importance of partnerships for business scaling and strategies to outshine competitors in the franchise market. Michael also shares a client success story and details on connecting with him.

Key Moments:

  • Michael Ranger has created a unique live event lead generation strategy for coaches and consultants called “Whiteboards and Whiskey,” which he is now franchising to provide a new revenue stream for professionals in the industry.
  • The franchising model provides a structured, replicable business opportunity that includes potential upsells like the “Accountable Boardroom,” and requires documentation, a proven concept, and a focus on excitement to attract franchisees.
  • Partnerships and white labeling with other businesses, such as software companies or venues, can significantly scale a franchise by offering comprehensive solutions and creating a valuable resource network for clients.

Michael Rager is a Business Growth Guide and executive coach who created the program Teach Your Business to Fish. With a passion for both fishing and building successful businesses, Michael combined the two to create a unique approach to business growth.

His business journey, a mix of success and invaluable lessons from failures, has been shaped by overcoming challenges and pushing forward after failure.

With a strong background in the oil and gas industry, he sees both white and blue-collar aspects of a business. Pioneering the environmental inspection industry, he thrived and was part of a team that sold a company in that niche.

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