Recognizing Strengths, Validating Ideas and Scaling Effectively with Hernan Vasquez

Recognizing Strengths, Validating Ideas, And Scaling Effectively with Hernan Vasquez

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Episode Summary –

In this episode, I have a great conversation with Hernan Vasquez, founder of Scale Driven. We discussed Hernan’s transition from freelancer to entrepreneur, the value of delegation, and client acquisition strategies. We delve into the realities of advertising campaigns, the importance of brand-building, and how to identify ideal clients. We also explore operational bottlenecks and lead management. Finally, Hernan introduces and its CMO services.

Key Moments:

  • Hernan Vasquez scaled his business to seven figures primarily through organic reach and word-of-mouth before starting to use paid advertising, demonstrating the effectiveness of building a strong organic foundation.
  • Creating content that solves the audience’s problems is a strategy Hernan emphasizes for attracting clients, which allows them to come to him instead of him reaching out.
  • Hernan advocates for a balanced approach between direct response advertising and brand awareness campaigns, using a portion of the budget to warm up leads with value-driven content before presenting calls to action.


Hernan Vasquex is the Founder and CEO @ Scale Driven that helps Coaches and Information Businesses Scale To 8 Figures By Making Their Ads Work Better. It all began with him helping in Facebook groups, offering advice and solutions.

Little did he know, this simple act of kindness would lead him to a remarkable opportunity.

He had the privilege of collaborating with Frank Kern, assisting him with selling hundreds of thousands of books and programs at a profit through meta ads.

From the recognition he gained, Hernan still gets a lot of people who want to work with him at his agency Scale Driven who know him from doing Frank Kern’s Facebook Fridays.

Today, with his team of experts, Hernan stand ready to extend my expertise to educators, information services, and consultants struggling with their ad campaigns, especially since iOS14 changes, Covid, and recent updates.

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