Scale Your Consulting and Coaching Business with Ultra-High-End Masterminds

by Ann Carden | Expert In You Podcast

Episode Summary –

Have you wanted to create mastermind programs, but you are unsure how to structure them?

Mastermind programs are an excellent way to scale your business and help more people, but there are a few reasons many are not successful.

One of the biggest mistakes people make in a mastermind program is a low pricing strategy. The pricing strategy of a mastermind program should be equivalent to the value you provide.

In this episode, I share the strategies to make more money and work less by creating ultra-high-end ($25k, $50k+) mastermind programs for your clients.

Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:

  • The definition of Ultra-High-end Client – Who are they?
  • Why Ultra-High-End mastermind programs is not a great strategy for newbies?
  • The Ultra-High-End Math.
    The strategies to structure an Ultra-High-End mastermind.
  • How to get the Ultra-High-End clients for your masterminds?
  • Why do most people fail in masterminds?

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