Imagine if you could charge a client a number that would really excite you; what would it be? $30k, $50k, $100k, $200k, $500k, or more?

Most consultants and coaches decide what they are going to sell, and then they look around at everyone else and decide what they will charge.

This is backward thinking!

I did this too when I first started my consulting/coaching business over eleven years ago. But I learned that I was significantly undervaluing what I do, my experience, knowledge, and skills.

IT CHANGED EVERYTHING when I made the shift and got my first $36k client. And when I learned how to structure, market, and sell my offers to close many of these clients at even higher fees, it not only changed my business, it changed my life.

Most consultants and coaches are working for peanuts and requiring too many clients to make money that is life changing.

—>Determine first how much money you would like to make and how much time you want to work, and then create the business around it (not the other way around.)

I recently had a “true expert” coach tell me that he wasn’t interested in making $100k or more because he knew what it would take to make it.

When I looked at how he was selling his services and charging, I could see why he felt this way. The way his offers were packaged, his prices, the clients he was working with, and his positioning in the market were all problems that would make reaching $100k a hustle and grind.


He has an opportunity to charge clients $30k, $50k, maybe even $100k (or much more) for his services with some shifts and restructuring things.

Doing this would get him to $100k and beyond with 1, 2, or 3 clients.

Are you charging like a beginner, or the competition when you are an expert?

When you create ultra-premium offers that show the value you bring to your clients and target the right people, you will have clients HAPPY to pay you what you deserve.

How much are you leaving on the table because you undervalue your expertise, knowledge, skills, and experience?

My guess is, LOADS!

I have a past client who is now closing $60k clients! When we began working together, she was unclear about her greatest potential, unfocused, spinning her wheels, and not making the money she wanted after 3-years in her business.

Within a few days, she doubled back her investment with me, and within a few weeks, she closed her biggest client ever.

Here is a message she sent me.


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