Scaling Your Business: Expert Strategies for Building Influence and Attracting Premium Clients

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Episode Summary –

In this episode of the Expert In You Podcast, host Ann Carden discusses the strategies for growing a business and leveraging marketing to attract premium clients. She emphasizes the importance of creating visibility, credibility, and an effective marketing system to influence potential buyers and close high-quality sales.
Ann also shares a quiz to help listeners identify any gaps in their marketing approach. Additionally, she gives a sneak peek into her new venture, the Expert in You Magazine, as a platform for showcasing her clients and further enhancing their expert positioning.
Tune in for valuable insights on optimizing your marketing and sales approach to scale your business and attract premium clients.

Key  Moments:

03:10 Marketing should draw clients pre-sold, impactful.
07:08 Effortless sales come with an effective marketing system.
10:10 Book a call for business acceleration now.
13:43 Free webinar on attracting high fee clients.

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