Getting coaching, consulting, or professional service clients includes both Marketing and Sales. They are two different systems and need to be analyzed separately when you want more clients. However, most people immediately look to marketing to generate more leads when they may actually have a sales problem.

In my last article, “8-Steps to Getting More Coaching, Consulting, and Professional Service Clients“, I go into great detail about Marketing and how to create a predictable and consistent system. In this article (part 2) I am going to break down the sales process.

Before I do, let’s look at what may be holding you back from getting all the clients you want, so you can determine where the breakdown is for you. Is it your marketing or your sales?

Here are a few questions to answer about your business.

Are you getting enough leads? If the answer is “NO,” you aren’t doing enough in your marketing. Increase your activity by doing the right things to generate more leads. Consistency is the key to keeping your lead pipeline and your calendar booked. Many cut off their marketing when they get enough clients (this means you don’t have a scalable business) but this is a mistake.

You can check out this video on “4 Ways to Scale When You Are Maxed Out On Time.”

Are you getting the wrong leads? You have a marketing problem. It is either a message problem or a target market problem for your message.

Are you getting the right leads, but they are not converting into clients? You have a sales problem.

As I will show you though, a sales system has three parts. Part 1 is what happens BEFORE the sale. Second, what happens DURING the sale, and third, what happens AFTER the sale.

I will break them down separately, so you can once again identify a gap in your business that may be causing you to lose clients. When I help my clients scale their businesses, I take a deep dive into their marketing and sales to see where there is a problem. Identifying and fixing the problem, often yields really rapid results.

BEFORE THE SALE – Your positioning, message, and marketing should be pulling the perfect people into your ecosystem. Your great content and social proof should show them that you are the go-to expert for what you do if they need your services now or possibly in the future.

Only 1-3% will be “now buyers,” so it is important to have a great nurturing process in place (Step #7 in the first article).

However, before you get into a sales conversation with a prospect, I highly recommend putting a qualifying process in place. I prefer an application form or an intake form. This allows you to determine if someone is the right fit for your business and if you can help them before you spend your valuable (and limited) time doing calls with the wrong people.

Ask the right questions on your form to prepare your prospect and yourself for the call. Doing this can save valuable time and you can then spend the time on the call digging deeper into the questions you originally asked. I teach my clients to implement this process into their booking, so they only spend time on calls with people who are highly likely to buy.

If you have ever spent your time on a call with people you felt were picking your brain or didn’t have the money, you know how frustrating it can be. Unless you use pushy and slimy old-school sales tactics, you will not close them, and you have wasted your time. When I put this process in place in my business, it was one of the most valuable things I did. This is part of the system I teach my clients. I also help them automate the process to leverage their time further.

DURING THE SALE – On the call, you should be diagnosing their problem, pain or desire, in more detail. You can build more credibility by asking the right questions and showing them, you understand what they need help with and how you can help them. Also, sharing relevant stories during the call can be powerful in building credibility.

If you have your sales process really dialed in for your calls (as I teach my clients), prospects are asking them how they can buy. This is a powerful transition from having to convince people to buy. When I get on a call with a prospect, they are often already sold on the fact that they want to work with me. This is due to all of the things I have in place.

It is a bit of a process when I work with my clients to implement everything I am sharing. I often have to continue to work through their sales calls with them to refine them and get them feeling more confident. But once this is in place, they are easily and effortlessly closing ultra-premium clients for often 5x-20x more money than what they were previously charging.

When I helped one of my clients (Wendy) get her marketing and sales process simplified and refined, she was able to close several new coaching clients to her business for 5x more than she had been before we began working together. She added several hundred thousand dollars in new ultra-premium clients to her business in sixty days. And not just clients, but dream clients.

One more point about closing sales if you write proposals for prospects…

NEVER write a proposal for a potential client before you get a commitment from them in your initial conversation. And NEVER email a proposal. If you want to learn more about the process I teach my clients around proposals, you can check out my YouTube video around this topic.

AFTER THE SALE – Onboard your client as quickly as possible. Show appreciation for their business (there are many ways to do this.) Gifts and thank you cards are great ways and can solidify the sale and help them feel great about their decision to buy from you.

After the sale and in the beginning of the relationship is where you plant the idea in their mind to refer you to others and offer a testimonial (even if anonymous) that you can use in your marketing. Most people don’t do this initially, and it is a powerful shift that can give you great social proof to build credibility.

Deliver the highest quality and level of care and service you can. Keep your word, to do what you say you will do. Be better than everyone else, and you have clients who love you, will refer you, and will make you more money.

The best sales process is when you don’t have to sell your services, but your ideal prospects ask to buy.

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