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Episode Summary –

In this episode of Expert In You Podcast, our host Ann Carden discusses a journey of trust, survival, and personal growth. She shares the inspiring story of our guest, Craig Andrews, a successful businessman who has overcome significant challenges in his life.

Craig’s harrowing experience in the hospital after waking up from an unknown situation forced him to rely on survival instincts and endure constant dreams of being stuck. However, through determination and resilience, he relearned how to walk after three months in the hospital.

Taking the rest of the year off, Craig implemented a strategy called the “first-time offer” to assist high-ticket clients. He discovered that helping individuals solve their problems builds trust and makes it easier to sell premium offers.

The discussion continues with Ann highlighting the importance of understanding the problem a solution solves in order to build trust. She shares a story from a recent meeting where someone suggested a first-time offer, prompting her to question what problem that offer would solve. Ann acknowledges her continuous pursuit of perfection and realization that small improvements can make a significant impact. She emphasizes the significance of asking kind and considerate questions during sales conversations to help prospects understand their own needs and see the speaker as a valuable presence in their lives.

Throughout the episode, Ann expresses genuine admiration for Craig Andrews and his transformative journey from a difficult past, to the achievement of greater things.

Join host Ann Carden and guest Craig Andrews on this informative and insightful episode of the Expert In You Podcast as they discuss the importance of learning from tough experiences and using them as opportunities for personal growth.

Key Moments :

[00:02:23] Hospitalized with COVID, wife’s support vital

[00:09:23] Flipped trust equation, survival instinct, distrust doctors. Learned to walk, rest of year off. First-time offer builds trust.

[00:15:02] Reaching perfection takes time; solving problems is key.

[00:17:31] “Inexpensive record collection building through simple offers.”

[00:21:40] Sales conversation challenge: tried everything, found success.

[00:24:26] Mini project improves sales, avoids negativity.

[00:29:35] Dream clients. Let’s do it. Incredible story, transformation, and growth

About the Guest :

Craig Andrews is the Principal Ally and founder of marketing agency allies4me. Using a proven method that mimics the stages of courtship, allies4me helps companies find strangers and convert them into high-paying customers. An eight-stage Customer Value Journey is the framework that leads someone from first contact to post-purchase.


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