Speak Your Way to An Extra $100k with Carissa Karner

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Episode Summary –

Being a good speaker is the backbone of your marketing strategy.

It allows you to connect, motivate, build credibility and influence the decisions of your audience.

You need to master your speaking skills to be seen as an expert. Being able to deliver your message effectively and confidently creates a long-lasting impact in front of an audience.

From speaking in front of your customers to TedX talks, being an effective speaker can help you get far ahead of the competition and help you take your business to the next level.

In this episode, Carissa Karner talks about using your speaking skills as your marketing asset to scale up your business to a multiple 6-Figure and beyond business. She also shares some useful tips on how to master your speaking skills.

Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:

  • Carissa talks about how she mastered her speaking skills from being a shy kid.
  • How have Carissa’s speaking skills helped her build a multiple 6-Figure business?
  • How can speaking help you scale up your business?
  • Carissa talks about her 4-Part speaking process to add revenue for your business.
  • Why is it essential to stand out as a speaker?
  • How to utilize your speaking skills as a marketing asset to increase your sales?
  • Carissa talks about the importance of mastering delivering skills.
  • Carissa shares some useful tips on how to stand out as a speaker.

About Carissa Karner –

As a Certified World Class Speaking Coach, a Licensed Psychotherapist, a Certified Clini-Coach©, a TEDx Presenter, and with a lifetime of experience acting on the stage I merge the world of acting, the world of clinical studies, and the world of public speaking together in my Speaker-In-Demand programs so you can own the stage every time you step into the spotlight.

Website – https://carissakarner.com/




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