Stand Out in the Online Jungle…17 Ways to Fast-Track Your Professional Influence, Attract High-End Clients and Raise Your Income

How can you STAND OUT in the online social media jungle, demand higher fees, land high-end clients who love and appreciate you, make your competition irrelevant, and have doors of opportunities fly open for you?

Build an EXPERT & AUTHORITY Consulting, Coaching, or Professional Services brand and business.

There are TWO-KEYS to fast-tracking your influence and raising your income.

Key #1 – YOUR EXPERT & AUTHORITY MARKETING POSITION (people’s outside perception of you, your brand, and your business.

When your ideal clients see you for the first time, what is the first impression they get? Are they seeing what you want them to see?

Can they quickly see your expertise and what makes you different from others? Is what you do and what you are known for easy to see in your marketing? Does what they see give you credibility and build instant trust in you and your business?

If anyone Googles you, what will they see? Are you credible and consistent with your brand and message? Can they find many things that establish you as an authority and expert for what you do? Are there several Google pages that come up about you, so they can easily research you?

If not, you are missing out on an essential piece for your business.

A STRONG MARKET POSITION & online presence rapidly speed the “know, like, and trust” to win more clients, better clients, close more sales, land more speaking engagements and stages, attract more opportunities, and win new business and referrals.

Here’s a HACK to see how powerful (or not) your market positioning is. See the video below! See what others see (incognito).

See How You Show Up On Google To Everyone Else – YouTube

The digital world has changed marketing forever. What used to be done by running endless expensive print advertising, radio ads, direct mail, and television advertising can now be accomplished with less expense and with much faster and higher results.

However, many professionals and businesses are still not taking advantage of the online world the way they could be. As a result, they miss out on more visibility, more brand impact, and higher revenue/income.

True Story…

When I built my first business over thirty years ago, I developed that business internationally. But, back then, it was expensive advertising in international magazines that helped me do that.

I had to run ads and then wait for the next magazine edition to come out a month later to see if it would pay off.

Because of the way the ads were run, my next ad was already created and paid for before I was able to see if the last one worked well. If the current ad didn’t do well, it was two months of ads and costs before I could make the needed changes. This was how you tested your marketing. Crazy, right? It was inefficient and very costly!

But today, we can test our market instantly online. As a result, we can get faster results and sales.

Key #2 – VISIBILITY TO PULL THE RIGHT PEOPLE INTO YOUR ECOSYSTEM – Are you consistently getting in front of and connecting with your ideal clients and others? This can open the doors for more opportunities. Therefore, your marketing strategy should include you doing this consistently.

Raise your visibility and influence & you will raise your income.

When you do this effectively, you will have opportunities & potential clients show up in your inbox daily.

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Here is the FAST TRACK to higher visibility, more authority, and more success.

Get your EXPERT & AUTHORITY INFLUENCE strategy mapped out.

Whom do you want to influence & for what? What is your end goal?

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