Success Mindset: Breakthrough Strategies for Business Owners with Kelli Risse

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Episode Summary –

In this episode, Ann is joined by guest Kelli Risse to explore the transformative power of mindset work on personal and professional success. Ann and Kelli dive into the impact of weight loss on energy and confidence, the importance of aligning personal values with financial goals, and the need for continuous mindset updates as individuals progress to new levels.

Throughout the episode, they emphasize the significance of addressing subconscious barriers, navigating the fear of success, and maintaining emotional balance for business and personal growth. Stay tuned as Ann and Kelli share strategies to overcome self-sabotage, clear mental clutter, and step into the next level of success.

Key Moments:

04:16 Align your unconscious and conscious mind, find clarity.

06:51 Insight and expertise are key for success.

10:41 Overcoming fear of success in business.

15:27 Replace anger with fear, neutrality leads forward.

22:05 Chose car, guilt trip, money scarcity, success.

24:51 Technique to align values for abundance mindset.

26:45 Empowering people through sharing and overcoming stories.

29:33 Anne mentioned stress causing negative impact on others.

34:00 Complimentary strategy call to step into next level.


About the Guest :


Kelli Risse is a transformational coach who helps individuals align their unconscious and conscious minds to live authentically and with purpose. Through her work, she helps people find clarity, focus, and follow-through, allowing them to silence the inner noise and step into their greatness. Kelli’s approach empowers her clients to overcome the barriers holding them back and take their lives to the next level. With her guidance, many have found the freedom and confidence to pursue their dreams and achieve their goals.



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