Tackling Business Chaos: Strategies for Growth and Employee Retention with Susan Fennema

Tackling Business Chaos: Strategies for Growth and Employee Retention with Susan Fennema

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Episode Summary –

In this episode of Expert In You Podcast, host Ann Carden is joined by guest Susan Fennema to discuss the challenges of chaos and lack of organization in a business and how they can hinder growth and employee retention. They dive into the common misconceptions that small business owners have about finding help and the real reasons why employees may be leaving.


Susan shares her expertise in identifying job description gaps and training needs, creating a plan for clients to execute, and assisting with implementation. She emphasizes the importance of setting up project management tools, creating templates, and training teams to achieve a more structured and efficient business environment. Susan’s approach aims to remove the client’s direct involvement in the process over time, allowing projects to run automatically.

Susan stresses the value of documenting processes and hiring part-time team members with diverse industry experience to bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to a business. She discusses the benefits of hiring a team rather than traditional employees, including cost-effectiveness and flexibility for business growth.


Susan’s passion for helping small businesses and her belief in their importance as the backbone of America shine through as she offers guidance for businesses that have outgrown the owner and face chaos and problems. Tune in to this episode to learn how to structure your business for success and create a more organized and efficient environment for growth.


Key Moments:


[00:01:41] “Organizing buttons, helping small businesses, advertising career.

[00:06:01] Chaos hinders business growth and employee retention.

[00:07:17] Money doesn’t make people stay in their jobs.

[00:13:09] Developing process for effective project management.

[00:18:10] Eliminate distractions, set boundaries, and prioritize tasks.

[00:23:17] Team feels differently, looking for gaps, consulting and implementation assistance.

[00:26:34] Internet allows businesses to have virtual teams.

[00:27:43] Part-time experience brings fresh ideas to the business.


About Susan Fennema :


Susan Fennema has always had a knack for organizing and creating order out of chaos. Even as a child, she would meticulously arrange her mom’s buttons by size, color, and row. Throughout her career, Susan has worked as a right-hand person for small business owners, making things happen and ensuring smooth operations. However, she decided to take a leap and serve all business owners rather than just one at a time. One of the highlights of her career was a 10-year stint as an operations director at an advertising agency in Chicago, a role that taught her the resilience and adaptability necessary in the industry. Susan’s ability to handle advertising has prepared her for any challenge that comes her way, and she continues to thrive in her path of helping businesses succeed.


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