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Episode Summary –

“I have not signed up for this” – How many times has this thought crossed your mind.

Whatever happens with us, we tend to blame others and situations, but the fact is you are responsible for your life.
If you are working long hours and not getting time to spend with your family and yourself, it is because you are not working smart.

We must stop treating ourselves as a victim.

In this episode, Lisa Couturier shares strategies for taking charge of your destiny and tripling your income by working less.

Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:

  • Lisa shares her story and how she has turned around her life.
  • How Lisa replaced the income that she was earning from her job in just two and a half months by working only 20-25 hours a week?
  • Lisa talks about the importance of decluttering your mindset and what mistakes most people make.
  • Lisa shares a trick for improving your creativity and making better decisions.
  • Lisa shares tips on how to 3X your income by working less.
  • “Are you paying yourself enough?” – What does it mean, and how it can help you.

With 25+ years of experience, Lisa is one of the top experts who works with high-performing individuals to get in alignment with their values, to question the status quo with integrity, increase revenue, integrate freedom and flexibility in both personal and professional lives without overwhelm and burnout. She is passionate about guiding and supporting people on building relationships bringing back the human element vs “simply closing the deal” in business.

Having been in the unique position of working and learning from some of the top executives and visionaries in cybersecurity, she collected many of their styles of leadership. So when working together, her style will be a combination of compassion, straight-forwardness, action-oriented, and humor, all from a place of complete authenticity moving your business forward with impact, efficiency and effectiveness.

Lisa has combined her successes with individuals and businesses to create the unique and proven 3-Step System helping you to become a Conscious Leader in your community and organization. She is also an accredited Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner.

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