The Event Blueprint: 6 Steps for Running Profitable Coaching and Consulting Events

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Episode Summary –

In this episode of the Expert in You Podcast, host Ann Carden shares her expertise on running profitable coaching and consulting events. Ann breaks down the “Event Blueprint” into six essential steps, offering valuable insights and strategies aimed at helping coaches, consultants, and professional service providers succeed in their businesses. From curating the right audience to delivering impactful value and moving attendees towards making high-end purchases, Ann provides a comprehensive guide for those looking to scale their business and attract high-paying clients. With her proven strategies, Ann empowers listeners to elevate their events and achieve lucrative outcomes. Tune in to gain valuable knowledge and actionable steps towards hosting successful and impactful coaching and consulting events.


Key  Moments:

03:24 Curate events for targeted audience and sales.

07:37 Calculate sales needed to reach desired earnings.

11:42 Events are curated to keep energy high.

13:37 Serve, give, build trust, and credibility. Virtual events.

19:09 Real-time feedback helps improve events, boost profits.

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