A faster path to building a 6, Multi-6, or 7-figure coaching or consulting business is to sell premium ($15k, $25k, $50k, $100k, or more) services first and then down-sell to lower offers versus starting low and then trying to ascend people to higher offers (what most coaches/consultants learn).

The “volume method,” which are mainstream strategies and tactics, is excellent for scaling a business when you are already making good money but is a more demanding business model to get traction financially.

However, many coaches or consultants are using the volume method (value ladder) to develop their businesses. Unfortunately, this often leaves them too cash-poor and overwhelmed and even burns them out from the consistent hustle and grind it requires.

But, when you sell premium first, you can work with fewer high-level clients without giving away all your time while making more money. It is a simple business model that can give you giant financial leaps and more cash flow to grow and scale your business.

What most coaches and consultants don’t realize and often don’t learn is, even if you are starting a coaching business, but you have experience, expertise, knowledge, and skills that are highly valuable, you can sell premium services.

I have seen Doctors, brilliant professionals, executives, and real experts, with years of experience and PhDs, fall into the volume trap (giving away their expertise for little money).

Look at the numbers to achieve a $500k business using volume strategies and tactics:

Selling services for…

$100 – you need 5000 people (417 a month)

$500 – you need 1000 people (84 people a month)

$1000 – 500 people (42 people a month)

$2000 – 250 people (21 people a month)

You can see how this will be a hustle and grind to make money. It is less profitable, requires more time, team, and energy, and it is hard to service this many people without the quality of your services suffering.

However, let’s look at $500k with a top-down approach (selling ultra-premium) services.

$15,000 – 34 people (less than 3 a month)

$25,000 – 20 people (less than 2 a month)

$50,000 – 10 people (less than 1 a month)

$100,000 – 5 people a year

$200,000 – 2.5 people a year

If you are already exceptional, knowledgeable, experienced, and skilled, you have the most opportunity to sell ultra-premium coaching/consulting services (even in the start-up stage). There are five steps to doing this. Get my free training on this!

When you do, you can hit your income goals.

You will have the money to grow your business and scale.

You can work with fewer clients at a higher level and have more time and freedom in your life.

I hope you found this helpful, and if you genuinely are someone with expertise, knowledge, skills, and expertise, I hope you will make the shift required to get paid what you deserve.

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