The Mindset & Skillset of Becoming a Millionaire as an Entrepreneur

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Episode Summary –

In this episode of the Expert In You Podcast, host Ann Carden discuss the importance of having a millionaire mindset and going all in to achieve financial success. Ann shares her personal journey from starting businesses with little money to building and selling five businesses to achieve financial freedom.


Ann emphasizes that anyone can achieve millionaire status, as 1,000 new millionaires are being created daily in the United States. She talks about building wealth through business, her own success and financial freedom, including owning multiple properties, investments, and enjoying a comfortable lifestyle. However, she notes that becoming a millionaire is not just about money but also about personal growth and who one becomes in the process.

Ann encourages listeners to think bigger and expand their mindsets, but also stresses the importance of balance and having it all in life, including health, relationships, and joy. She opens up about her own struggle with weight and urges listeners to prioritize all areas of their lives for true wealth and fulfillment.


Throughout the episode, Ann provides practical advice and insights on business, investments, and property ownership, emphasizing the importance of financial freedom and influence. She encourages listeners to subscribe to the show, share it with others, and take the necessary steps to play full-on and achieve their own version of success.


Key Moments :


[02:15]Importance of a millionaire mindset and expanding what’s possible in the marketplace

[05:04]Going all in and playing full on in business

[08:27] Everyone has the potential to achieve millionaire status.

[12:10] Becoming a millionaire is not just about money, but also personal growth.

[15:52] Balancing all aspects of life, including health, relationships, and joy, for true wealth and fulfillment.


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