The Power of Delegation: Why Every Entrepreneur Needs a Business Manager with Nicole Bandes

The Power of Delegation Why Every Entrepreneur Needs a Business Manager with Nicole Bandes

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Episode Summary –

In this episode of Expert In You Podcast, host Ann Carden welcomes special guest Nicole Bandes, CEO and founder of Virtual A-Team. Nicole shares her journey from a background in psychology and productivity coaching to becoming a “VA whisperer,” bridging the gap between clients and experts as a virtual assistant intermediary.


Despite being a chronic migraine sufferer, Nicole found her niche in gathering information from clients and providing clear instructions to experts, speaking their language to avoid confusion. The conversation delves into the role of a business manager as an essential support for entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants.


Nicole emphasizes the importance of delegating tasks to a business manager to effectively execute goals and avoid reaching a revenue ceiling. Many individuals struggle with delegation, often preferring to do everything themselves, but Nicole believes that shifting mindsets and simplifying delegation is key to business growth.


Throughout the episode, Nicole discusses the cost-saving benefits of hiring a business manager, ranging from eliminating hiring and training expenses to saving time and focusing on core content creation. The episode also touches on the power of having a clear vision for a business and thinking about the bigger picture, as well as the importance of effective communication when delegating tasks.


As the host, Ann Carden adds her insights and reflections, sharing her own experience and highlighting the need to consider the end goal and have a clear vision. She also explores the challenge of delegating for perfectionists and the value of having a business manager structure delegated tasks effectively. Listeners gain a deeper understanding of virtual assistants (VA) and the difference between a traditional VA and a virtual business manager.


Nicole explains how VAs follow instructions while virtual business managers act as intermediaries, allowing clients to focus on their vision while the manager figures out how to implement it. The VA or the rest of the team then creates the final product based on the manager’s instructions. The episode also touches on Nicole’s personal journey, her purpose in empowering others to prioritize what truly matters, and her mission to help people have a bigger impact in the world by delegating tasks that someone else can do better.


Join host Ann Carden and guest Nicole Bandes on this informative and insightful episode of the Expert In You Podcast as they discuss outsourcing, delegation, and the role of a business manager for entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants.


Key Moments:


[00:02:12] Started virtual team 7 years ago, empowering impact.

[00:04:13] Productivity coach turned VA whisperer bridges gap.

[00:07:04] Real VAs are like restaurant cooks.

[00:10:17] Delegation struggles: perfectionism and communication issues.

[00:19:27] Wide range of services offered except some.

[00:23:56] Shift from employees to online business growth.

[00:27:27] Consider the bigger picture of business exit.

[00:29:11] Legacy: Strategic planning ensures business longevity.

[00:32:17] Business manager retainer costs around $1300.

[00:37:45] Understanding your brand and communication style. Templates provided.

[00:40:01] Outsource, delegate, be proactive in business growth.


About the Guest :


Nicole Bandes is the founder of a virtual team, which she established 7 years ago with the intention of helping individuals make a bigger impact in the world. Her motivation stems from understanding that when people are relieved of tasks that can be handled by others, they have more time to focus on what truly matters to them. Nicole’s dedication to this cause was sparked by a personal tragedy a decade ago when she and her husband lost their son. This heartbreaking experience prompted her to reflect on the regrets and missed opportunities in life. Determined to prevent others from feeling the same, Nicole strives to empower individuals to prioritize what is truly important and not waste precious time on tasks that can be delegated to others.


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